Saturday, June 13, 2009

CVS & Walgreens 6-14

Check here to see the coupon matchups this week at CVS
A few good deals but nothing too exciting to me!
I may skip it!
However Walgreens looks like another story to me!!
Go here to see the deals.
Here's my plan!
Edit -- My plan might be turned up side down... I've been told that the Chip's Ahoy arn't on sale 2/$5. as it says... They may be 2/$7. which isn't as good a deal. Check your store to be sure.
trans 1 --
1.50 -oreo cakesters - $2.50 -$1.MQ get 3 RR
1.50 - same
.65 - Hefty one zip 3.29 bogo - 2- $1./1 MQ
.65 - same
-$1. overage- Dry Idea .99 with 7 day Q - $2. printable
(Note to get overage give 7 day Q last)
Free - Johnson's baby powder - $2./2 get 1 RR
Free - same
$3.30 + tax get 4 RR back (3 RR Cakesters, 1 RR baby powder)
Trans 2
2.99 St Ives body wash get 3 RR (use $1.50MQ to get overage)
I used all mine at KMart...
.35 filler
-3 RR from before
.35 cents get 3 RR back
trans 3
2.50 chips ahoy buy 2 get 3 RR
2.50 same
-$1. overage for Dry Idea (like above)
- 3 RR
-1 RR
pay tax - get 3 RR back
trans 4 - could do another St. Ives
2.50 chips ahoy
2.50 chips ahoy
-3 RR
$2. oop -- No RR because I paid with a chips ahoy RR
Total around $6. for 4 chips ahoy, 2 cakesters, 2 dry ideas, 1 st. ives, 2 Heftys, 2 baby powders.
You could keep rolling the Chips Ahoy and the St. Ives and pay $2. + tax each time. If you have the St. Ives MQ -- only .50 cents!!!
Anyone see anything I missed???

Complete Laundry System Review and 17 winner Giveaway!

I've heard so much about the Complete Laundry System
and have been dying to try it out.
I can't even express how impressed I was with this system! I have not used one ounce of laundry detergent since I received it 2 weeks ago!!!
This wonderful company sent me a whole box of goodies including a complete laundry system, lip wonders, an ayate cloth, and goat milk soaps. Every single product was wonderful!
Let's break down the laundry system.

I can't even image how much money it will save not ever having to buy laundry soap again. It may sound gross but it's not, read on.
I feel I gave it the ultimate test and it passed with flying colors. What's the ultimate test you ask.... Camping clothes! You know the ones that smell so strong with campfire smoke you can hardly stand it. I can normally still smell smoke on a several items after washing them with regular detergent. I decided to try it with just the ball no detergent, knowing it would fail!! I mean how can they get clean with no detergent. I pulled them out when they were done and with disbelief not a hint of smoke ON ANYTHING!!!! I let my hubby smell just to make sure my smeller was working! He said the same thing NO SMELL!!! WOW! Made me a believer!
So how does it work?? Well their website says that there's a mineral blend in the ball that through physics creates a energy field that makes the water in its best cleaning state. The detergent doesn't do the cleaning the water does. Read more about it here.
Don't believe it?? I didn't either until I tried it. If it wasn't clean wouldn't it still smell like smoke? To me smoke is harder to get out of clothes than dirt or grime. So if it cleaned that, to me it's CLEAN!!!
One more tid bit of proof... Towels! We only wash our towels a few times a week, not every time we use them. After a couple times they get this musty smell. Guess what that is... Soap build up. After 2 weeks of washing with no detergent that smell has disappeared. Hmmmm that actually proves that it's cleaner NOW than when I used detergent.

Okay on to the dryer balls.
I found HUGE savings in these little balls. I normally set my dryer to the max 70 minutes and then turn it back 20 more minutes for a total of 90 minutes per load. According to their site I knew they were supposed to cut drying time. So I set it to 60 minutes knowing there's NO WAY it could cut that much time. I mean that's A LOT. Well the buzzer buzzed and yep you guessed it to my amazement they were dry!
WOW!! Ever watched how fast the electric meter spins when your dryer is on? I have and it's fast! 20-30 min. less dry time per load is
HUGE for our family of 6!
To avoid writing a book check out more details here on their website!

The normal washer balls work for approx. 3 years. They also carry a 1 yr. ball that you can try for less cost.
I would recommend this laundry system,
with confidence that you'll love it, to everyone!
At least I know I do!
Now to the good stuff
17 winners, yes you heard me right 17 winners
I will pick 17 numbers and they will win in this order...
#1 Complete Laundry System (grand prize)
#2,3,4 - 1 year laundry ball each
#5-14 - 1 Lip Wonder each
#15 - one ayate cloth
#16-#17 - 1 goat milk soap each
That's 17 winners!
To enter do one or all of the following...
1. Visit Mystic Wonder and tell us something you learned.
2. Tell me if you believe it would work or not??
3. Follow my blog or tell me you do
4. facebook or twitter about giveaway
5. Blog about giveaway
6. Subscribe or tell me you do
If you did them all you should have left 6 different comments
and could actually win more than 1 prize!!!
GOOD LUCK!! (US and Canada entries only)
I'm running this giveaway for a full 2 weeks since there's so many winners!
Giveaway will end Saturday June 27 at 8pm est.
17 winners will be chosen using

To post a comment scroll down to the end of the comments and click "post a comment"

Daily Dose

Hebrews Chapter 2

Verse 1

We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Menards Father's Day Ad

Menards is having a Special Father's Day Sale.
Nothing Free but a few good deals
I thought I'd pass along!
This ad is good through June 21

Power Tool Accessories -- .99 cents after $3.00 Rebate -- limit 4

Lock Back Knife -- .99 cents after $2.00 Rebate -- limit 4

LED Flashlight -- $1.99 after $5.00 Rebate -- limit 2
For more on Menards go here!

Cellfire Reminder

If you haven't loaded the Cellfire coupons to your Kroger Card (or Kroger affiliate) be sure to do it soon. New ones will come out in a few days and these will no longer be available!
Go here to load them now!
You can also load e-coupons to your card at 3 other great sites.
here, here, and here!

$10/$10. JcPenny Coupon Code

About a week ago I ordered this pair of jeans from JcPenny using a $10./$10. coupon code. The jeans came today and I LOVE THEM!!!
I decided to see if the code is still good to order another pair!!!
IT IS...
Use GR8DAD at checkout for $10. off your order
Shop the outlet area here for great deals
My jeans were St. John's Bay for
$12.99 (normal $40.)
-$10. coupon
+5.95 s/h
+ .63 cents tax
Grand Total $9.57 shipped to my house
They have lots of sizes available, these jeans are below the belly but show nothing when you bend over!!! Perfect!
YIPEE, okay I'm a little excited, but that's cheap for great jeans!!!

Weekly Groceries!

Great week!!! ....Total for all this...
$36.58 oop (105 items)
I hardly believed that total myself,
But I did use $15. in Catalina's...
That makes it a little more believable!!!!
Let me explain!!
Spent $13.26 at Kroger for 34 items (71% savings)
(10 of those are KoolAid Packets)
Spent $15.78 at Aldi for 28 items (haven't been to Aldi's in a long time. Best place I've found for tomato sauce (.25) and canned mushrooms (.50) !)
Spent $6.35 at Meijer for 29 items (used a $3. and $2. Cat.)
That's the crazy total, but after catalina's it's for real!!
And $1.19 at Walgreen's for 14 items (used my free $10. RR from last week)
All together that's $36.58 oop (+ $10. in RR and $5. Cat.) for 105 items
or .35 cents per item!!!!
(10 kool aid pks and 21 cans tomato sauce helped this total look really good)
without that it's still under .50 cents per item!!!
I also bought 3 gallon milk at CVS but it only cost me $1. Since I used the $5. overage from the Contour monitor deal this week!
You don't see any meat in my groc. pics. because we get all that at our local butcher. So each week I'm under budget I go there and use the extra on meat. I normally have around $6.-$10. of our $55. budget to spend there. That easily feeds us several meals of meat each week. Then there are other weeks like this one that I have more like $20. to spend and I can stock up a little for weeks that arn't so good!!!
I also didn't buy much produce this week since I still had apples and lettuce in the fridge.
Have a question??? Don't feel bad, just ask!!!

Giveaway Winner!

The Winner of the Nature's Paradise Organics Giveaway is

#81 Danielle at GaerteGang!
Here are your random numbers:81
Timestamp: 2009-06-12 11:12:36 UTC
I sent you an email, if you didn't get it please email me!
Remember for everyone who didn't win you can
still take advantage of their online promo code
just enter dailydeal at checkout for
15% off your entire purchase
Thank you to Nature's Paradise for sponsoring the giveaway
and Thanks to all of you for entering!

Loving Our Husbands...

"Loving my Husband Friday"
with Shannon at T
he Peer Review!
To see the first 33 ways to Love your husband go

34. Express how much you appreciate him for working so hard to support the family.
35. Tell him how proud you are of him for who he is (giving him specific reasons).
36. Give advice in a loving way — not in a nagging or belittling way.
For more ways to Love your Husband
go here and link up!

Daily Dose

Hebrews chapter 1

Verses 10-12

He also says, "In the beginning, O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment. You will roll them up like a robe; like a garment they will be changed. But you remain the same, and your years will never end."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Question of The Week...

I thought it would be fun to get to know everyone with a fun simple question each week! Don't worry you won't have to think hard at all, I wouldn't want to work my brain either!!!
So this week's question...
What is your favorite Blizzard Flavor???
My answer -- Banana Split-- YUM!!
I'm not sure if they still have it??? I haven't been there in a long time since they closed the DQ that was in our town a couple years ago.
Leave a comment and let me know your favorite flavor!!!

Walmart 6-11

Here's a list of free or cheap items you can get at Walmart.
Even tho I'm pretty Anti-Walmart, sometimes you can get
pretty good deals there.
I visit once every couple months or less to try to get some freebies.
Also keep in mind that prices vary greatly. I usually go with a list and end up getting less than half what I was expecting because the prices were higher than it said online.
Enter at your own risk...
It's tempting to pick up other items and end up
with a bill over $100...
Be Strong!!!

Sundays Coupon Inserts

Only 1 lone Smartsource Insert
this week...

Go here to check out the complete preview.
Here's a few of my favorites
A-1 Steak Sauce -- $1./1
Cheerios - $1./2
Chex mix cereal - $1./2
Miracle Whip - $1./1
Oreo Cakesters - $1./1
Rold Gold Pretzels - $1./2

Giveaways going on.....

Be sure to sign up for these
2 new giveaways
Sarah at 8-MuddyBoots is having a giveaway for this
awesome mother's necklace.
Go here to enter
Her giveaway ends June 22nd

Genesa at Ephs432 is having her first giveaway for Wise Decor a company specializing in wall lettering!
Go here to enter Giveaway ends June 19

And don't forget to enter my giveaway for
Nature's Paradise Baby Products
Ends Tonight at 8 pm
Go here to enter
$20. Gift Code for Piggy Paint
Ends Saturday at 8 pm

Things I Love Thursday

I Love Watching Hubby Play
with our kiddos!

Just look at the joy in that little boy!!
He ran back and forth so many times,
always wanting chased 1 more time!!!

For more things I Love Thursday visit
Sarah at 8-muddy boots

Daily Dose

Philemon Chapter 1 (the only)

Verse 6

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Super Doubles!!!

I had to buy a new hair clipper, which bumped my total
up over $100.00, which meant I could use my $10./$100 KMart coupon.
Which means I paid...
$0.00 for this pic!!
(and actually had some left over to go towards the clipper)
Gotta love Super Doubles at KMart!!
even though they were out of half my list
Anyone else snag some good deals???

Wordless Wednesday

Look at my little boy gaze at his cousin!!
Such a beautiful smile, Rach
For more Wordless visit here

Free GeoTrax DVD

Go here to request a GeoTrax DVD
It's completely free including free shipping
They don't even ask for payment details!
It took all of about 2 minutes to have mine on the way!!


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