Saturday, October 10, 2009

CVS 10-10

Just a few deals for this week...

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Halloween Nylon Treat bag -- .99 get .99 ecb = FREE -- limit 1
Brach's Candy Corn -- 2/.88 cents
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Sign - Up Saturday

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Welcome to Sign-Up Saturday!
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Have a great Weekend!!!

Daily Dose

Psalm Chapter 48

Verse 14

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Loving Our Husbands...

"Loving my Husband Friday"
with Shannon at
The Peer Review!
To see the first 81 ways to Love your husband go
82. Check with him before you throw away his papers and stuff. (He may view them as more
important than you realize.)

83. Work to keep yourself in shape in every way.

84. Let him express himself freely, without fear of being called stupid or illogical.
For more ways to Love your Husband
here and link up

Daily Dose

Psalm Chapter 47

Verse 1-2

Clap your hands, all your nations; shout to God with cries of joy. How awesome is the Lord Most High, the great King over all the earth!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunday's Coupon Inserts

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Guest Post - Getting your Garden ready for Spring!

The following is a guest post from Danielle who
blogs over at the Gaerte Gang!
Be sure to also visit here series here on how to
pray for our children!

What a blessing it has been to have a garden again this year. I have enjoyed the whole process from picking out what veggies to plant....working up the soil...planting...Yep, I even enjoyed the weeding....and finally the harvesting and canning! Since canning has slowed down for most of us, I would talk a little bit about what I plan to do now, in the fall, to get my garden ready for next year!

First: Finish getting the corn husks, and left over tomato plants out of the garden.

Second: Tilling up the soil again...I always love how it looks when it's freshly tilled!

Third: Amend the soil (I already added a little horse manure in this past Spring)...I am planning to go and buy some amended soil (I want to add in a good mix of sand, compost, and other organic materials...It should be under $20 for a whole truck load.) Then I will till it again......My reason for doing it now it that it will then have all winter to break down and really my get soil ready for next Spring! Now is also a good time to consider where you want to plant your veggies next year..I know it good to rotate them to different spot each year.

Fourth: Transfer thorn less Red Raspberries....I am super excited about Justin's aunt giving me a few starts of her raspberries!! Fall is the best time to do this....also a great to transplant other things such as strawberries. Speaking of strawberries, I have already put straw around all my strawberries to help them "keep warm" through the winter....I know mulching of some sort is recommended. I am planning a new layout of my garden. I have decided to make my garden bigger because I want to incorporate a flower (cutting) garden as well! I also want to have a place in garden dedicated to easily transplanting flowers from my current landscape or have a place to put new starts that others give me.

Fifth: Take an inventory of the things I would like to plant again...Figure out what things are not worth planting again.....whether you need to increase or decrease of the amount of seeds you plant. Now is a great time for taking care of is still fresh in your mind! If I wait until next Spring.....forget it....I will have no clue!

Sixth: I get a couple different seed magazines so I will spend some time later this winter marking it up with things I might like to try....even if you choose not to order the seed from a seed company they offer some great ideas to think about! If you do not currently get any seed magazines you can go here and here to request a few!

The only other thing to consider is if you are near a wooded area or an area known for "little helpers" like rabbits, deer, and raccoon, you might want to consider fencing of some sort. I didn't have any of these problems this year but I think our two puppies, who seem to be "night owls" and love chasing things, might have helped out that situation (smile!)

So there are a few things I am planning to do to get my garden ready for winter...Brrrrr!

I thought I might also add that if you want to start a garden in the Spring, whether this will be your first garden or if your getting back into gardening, then you can follow these same steps Of course, your first thing you need to do is decide where to put your garden.....keep these things in close to a Boldwater source, pick a place that makes sense for your family...Example: If you have little kids you might want to consider putting your garden within close proximity to the swing set or play while your working in the garden they can play and you can still keep an eye on them. Just a thought!

Come visit me anytime at the GAERTEGANG, I would love to have you stop by and chat for a spell.....Danielle

Thanks so much Danielle for this great post!
Hope you all enjoyed it!
btw - she also has a couple giveaways that end tomorrow!
Go here and here to enter

Daily Dose

Psalm Chapter 46

Verse 1

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Bored????

Do you think she was bored???

In His Word Wednesday - Love

John 15:12
My command is this:
Love each other as I have loved you.

One of the greatest verses of the entire Bible to live by.
Can we really even fathom His love for us????
What has God been teaching you lately.
Do you have a prayer request?
Do you have a Bible verse that has stuck out to you?
Even just words of encouragement. I would love to hear from you!
Just post on your blog, then come back here and sign the linky below.(You are welcome to use my banner if you'd like)
You can even just leave your words or prayer request here as a comment. We'd love to know how to pray for you. If you don't want to elaborate just let us know you have an unspoken prayer request. We can still pray for you because God already knows!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Daily Dose

Psalm Chapter 45

Verse 7

You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guest Post - Why I Meal Plan Monthly...

Good Morning, Friends of Daily Essentials and Deals! I am
excited to be able to share with you today. My name is Hope. I
blog at I am married to Mark (for
10 years), Mama to Grant and Reagan Grace, and a Christ
Follower. I love the saving money, helping our family reach
goals, and PAY DOWN DEBT! Following is my post on monthly meal

Why I Meal Plan Monthly

I get a lot of grief about my meal planning habits. First, it is
hanging right on my freezer door for the whole world to see with
big black sharpie cross-outs and arrows. Second, I am not a
weekly planner (most are)...I am an overacheiver, you see...I am
a MONTHLY planner. Third, we have an incredible stockpile of
food and I like it that way!

You see, I was raised by a single mother (my father dies when I
was three) and my grandmother. We had nothing, people. We stood
in lines at a church to get government peanut butter and cheese
(it tastes like Velveeta by the way.) I remember my grandma
taking me along so we could get extra cereal... There were many
nights when stewed tomatoes and bread were our dinner.

Now, mind you, we also had feasts! Thanksgiving and Easter were
always HUGE! My grandma could make a mean pot of spaghetti and
meatballs to feed all of us cousins (she put bread balls in the
middle to stretch the meat and "make it moist.") She was known
in the family for her cole slaw recipe. We liked to eat and I
still do!

I kind of have the "Scarlett O'Hara" complex. You know, "As God
as my witness, I'll never go hungry again" kind of thing... So,
as an adult, I am a planner. A slightly obsessive organizer. A
daily checkbook updater. A "honey, let's talk about our budget"
kind of girl. I simply can not do one week of meal planning.
What if the car breaks down and all out food money goes to
repairs?!?!? I need a plan, people!

Thus, the monthly meal plan was born. I choose to plan 20-22
meals per month that can be served for dinner. When I make my
plan, I have all of my meats and boxed foods on hand that I list
(see my stockpile pictures to follow). I usually have to
purchase fresh produce and dairy only. I like it this way - I
feel prepared - I feel wise - I feel safe.

So, if there is ever a major storm in Central Ohio, I could feed
you all for at least 2 weeks! :)

I choose to not plan an entire 30 days. This gives our family
flexibility to have dinner with friends, family, order a pizza,
attend a church function or simply throw something together on a
whim. 20 days has proven over time to be nore than enough for
our family.

I also only plan dinners. We eat simple breakfasts, lunches are
sandwiches, mac and cheese, or leftovers. Dinner is the only
thing I focus on because for me, it is the hardest.

I like having a list on the fridge. In the morning (or the night
before) I can look at the list and decide what sounds good.
Then, I don't have a lot of excuses. I know what to make. I have
the ingredients. I have the side dishes. I just have to make it
and serve it with love :)

Here is our actual October Meal Plan. I love that fall is here!
It's going to be a good month of eating here at the Labutis

October's Meal Plan

1. Amish Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes, Corn
2. Italian Chicken Breasts, Cheddar/Broccoli Rice, Frozen
Vegetable Medley
3. Cresent Roll Hot Dogs, Tator Tots, Dirt Pudding
4. Black Beans and Rice, Chips and Queso Dip
5. Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad
6. Ham and Macaroni Casserole, Peas, Applesauce
7. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
8. Swiss Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
9. Chicken/Broccoli Packets, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans
10. Chili and Cornbread Cake
11. Seasoned Pork Roast, Potatoes, Carrots
12. Baked Ziti, Breadsticks, Salad
13. Steaks on the Grill, Twice Baked Potatoes, Green Beans,
Apple Crisp
14. Shepherd's Pie, Applesauce, Rolls
15. Egg Casserole with Sausage, Toast, Apples/Grapes
16. Pepperoni Pizza Bake, Brownies
17. Hamburger Gravy over Mashed Potatoes, Corn
18. Homestyle Bake, Fruit Cocktail
19. Stuffed Shells, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad
20. Shredded Chicken Sandwiches, Chips, Jello Salad, Baked Beans
Thanks so much for guest posting Hope!
It looks like a
truly delicious list of meals!

Also check out her post here on creative uses for household items.
I especially like the peanut butter and lemonade mix!!!

Daily Dose

Psalm Chapter 44

Verse 26

Rise up and help us; redeem us because of your unfailing love.

Monday, October 5, 2009

OUCH.... My poor baby!!!

As I mentioned here last monday,
my 3 yr old had to get stitches.

Well 3 days later he woke up and could hardly open his eye.
It turned soooo black and swelled horribly.
Poor little guy!

By Saturday night it was finally back to where he could
pretty much open his eye! Thankfully!!!!
That was one HARD FALL he took on our scary steps!!
((Just ask his Aunt Shannon, every time she comes over she mentions how scary our steps are... Leave it up to Shad to prove her right after 4 years!!! grin!!!))

Daily Dose

Psalm Chapter 43

Verse 1

Vindicate me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; rescue me from deceitful and wicked men

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meijer 10-4

Visit Macomb Money Savers here for all the
Meijer Matchups!
Please Pray for safety as we travel today!

See you in 15... days that is!!!!

We're off!!!

Lots of prayer for the next 15 days is

If you haven't heard me mention it.
We go each year in October to the annual Covered Bridge Festival.
It's about an hour west of Indy!

We set up 2 booths and sell at the 10 day festival!
Since we homeschool my hubby goes down with us and takes care
of the kids. During the show, they enjoy going to the
State Parks and just relaxing!

So prayer for safety, good health, and great weather
would be awesome!

I have posts scheduled daily so you'll hardly know I'm gone... that is
as long as everything posts like it should!!! I also won't have internet access
(we're going to the boonies!!) so if you email me, I won't be able
to get back to you until I get back!

Have a great Sunday Everyone!!

Menards -- 4 FREEBIES!!!

A Much Better Week this Week!
4 Free after Rebate Items!

You can also still get the freebie from last week.
Go here to see last week's details

This week and last week's ads run
through 10/11

20" Hand Saw -- FREE after $10. Rebate -- limit 2

3 or 5 pack Jig Saw Blades -- FREE after $2. Rebate -- limit 3

7 1/4" Circular Blades -- FREE after $4. Rebate -- limit -2

23x42" Vinyl Blinds -- FREE after $2. Rebate -- limit 2

2 pk Brush Set -- $1.99 after $5. Rebate -- limit 2

Yard Tools -- $4.99 after $10. Rebate -- limit 4

Siding pro Caulk -- $1.99 after $1. Rebate -- limit 12

Trimlime Edger -- $2.99 after $3. Rebate -- limit 2

4 LED Flashlight -- $4.99 after $5. Rebate -- limit 2

Jig a Loo Lubricant -- .99 after $2. Rebate -- limit 2
When you purchase the freebies, you must purchase an additional $10. of non-rebated items per transaction to qualify for the rebate. You can get as many freebies as you want per transaction with only one $10. additional purchase. ((**You can get a $10. Gift card if you don't need anything right now!**)) Your rebate will come in the form of a Merchandise Check. Which means you must spend it at Menards, (I just use mine for more freebies!)
It's been reported that you do not have to spend the $10. and you will still get your rebate. Since the ad says you're supposed to I still think we should as to not take advantage of the program. You can use your own judgement! Thanks for letting us know!
You do not need to purchase any additional $$ if you are only getting the rebated items that are not free.
To learn all about Menards and how to send in
their rebates go here!

Just leave a comment if you have a question
or see another good deal...


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