Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally a Garden Update!!

Wondering where I've been?!?!?!?

Half the time I've been in the garden!
The other half!
Havin' FUN in the POOL with Hubby and the Kids!!
(I suppose I should add another half in the kitchen doing my baking...
wait is that possible?! can someone please clone me??)


Disclaimer.... Please look past the weeds. I decided NOT
to keep a weed free garden cuz.. well.. I need to sleep
and I like my family!!!
A garden this size (for me) is IMPOSSIBLE to keep
totally clean (unless that's all I do... EVER!!!)

BUT I'll take the weeds cuz I want LOTS of produce!!!!

Clear to the left where you see trenches, I just planted
another 2 1/4 rows of potatoes (today)!
This time I tried the Kennebec variety!
I planted another 10 pounds

Next to that is Sugar beets-- A post for another day!!
Then I have almost 3 rows of corn.
For some reason part of the corn came up and the rest didn't.
I replanted it and you can see it but it's still small.
Inbetween the corn rows I have pumpkins, watermelon,
and muskmelon!

The plants with the white sticks are tomatoes.
We drilled holes in pvc pipe to tie the tomatoes to. It's working
really well so far. I think I have 16 Roma plants
Next to those I have brocolli, peppers, cherry tomatoes, beans, and zucchini
Then I have a whole row of bush beans
By the hoses I have a row of carrots.

My cabbage is on the left and then you see
my Yukon Gold potatoes. 3 1/2 rows of them!!!
We love potatoes!
We just had a major spout of potato bugs last weekend
and it killed me but I used Seven.
Anyone have a better idea??
BTW - this was not a small outbreak that you can pick
by hand, I'm talking a MAJOR plants covered with little
tiny bugs EVERYWHERE..... It all happened in about 7 hours.
Seriously I left the house in the morning and saw NO bugs and when
I came home 7 hours later they were everywhere and 1 plant
already had Major damage.....

Strawberries I just planted 2 months ago.
They are spreading really nicely!

One of my prize items -- Cucumbers..
Last I counted they had 44 flowers on them.
Um yea from 4 plants!
They must like alot of RAIN...
We've been getting TONS of rain here in the Midwest.

Here is our biggest one. I can almost taste him...
But I'll have to wait a few more days!!

On the left is our leaf lettuce!
It's going crazy. So far I've gotten 6 huge bowls of lettuce
from them. If you didn't plant leaf lettuce look into it next year!
My $1.xx seeds have produced a TON of yummy eating!
You just break off the outer leaves and it just keeps coming!

You already saw my carrots and beans from the other side.

On the right is my 2 zucchini plants. They've gotten really big
and I should get my first one next week!!
This year I'm NOT peeling them. Last year I peeled and then
shredded them for bread but I've since learned that like much produce
the nutrients are in the peeling. SO DON'T peel!!

I had to throw in this picture of my sugar pumpkins.
I used to work in a "sweet shoppe" and in the fall they
always had iced pumpkin cookies. I'm hoping I can come close
to duplicating them this fall. They were AWESOME!!

So How's your garden doing???
If you want leave your link in the comments and I'll come visit!

Have a great week!


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