Saturday, January 24, 2009

CVS 1-25

CVS has some good freebies this week!

Here's what's lookin' good to me...

*Pepsi deal buy $20. get 10 ECB limit 1....included items are
-Pepsi 12 pk 3/$10 (this works out to be about $3.33 per 24 pack after ecb!)
-Pepsi 2 liter, Sobe, Propel or Gatorade 4/$5
-Lay's 2/$4.
-Stacys orTostitos 2/$6

*Gillette Fusion razors $7.99 get 4 ecb use $4. MQ = free-- limit 1

*Gillette sham, cond, styling--$4.99 get 3 ecb use $2.MQ= FREE-- limit 5

*Dove Beauty bar--.99- $1. MQ= FREE

*CVS Tissues 2/$1. --limit 8

That's all I see worth noting! To see the ad scans and all the deals go here.. or visit

What do you see??

Daily Dose

John Chapter 12
Verse 46
"I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Menards Freebies and Dollar Deals

Great Menards Week! These deals are good from 1-23 through 2-1

20 pc super hooks-- FREE after $3.00 Rebate -- limit 2

Picture Frames --FREE after $4.00 Rebate-- limit 4

15" Pry Bar-- FREE after $2.50 Rebate---limit 2

12" Drywall mud pan--FREE after $2.00 Rebate --limit2

Handy Light --FREE after $3. Rebate --limit 2

Elmers Nano Glue--FREE after $3. Rebate--limit 2

Ear Phones --FREE after $1.50 Rebate-- limit 2

7 1/4" Circular Saw Blade --FREE after $4.00 Rebate --limit 1
Rayovac Batteries--FREE after $2.00
Rebate--limit 2 use $1./2 MQ to make this a MM!
Wow Great week! To see more dollar deals check out their flyer here.
When you purchase the freebies you need to purchase an additional $10. of items that arn't free. You will need to send in your rebates. The rebates will then come in the form of a Merchandise check, which means it has to be spent at Menards.

To learn more about how Menards Rebates work go here

I went to Walmart...WHAT???

As many of you know I rarely set foot in Walmart anymore. Why you might ask...Because they do NOTHING for the couponer...NO real flyer, No doubling or tripling, No promotions, No e-coupons, No Sales...NOTHING! Anyway I'll get off my soap box to explain that sometimes when you have many high dollar coupons that no one else doubles either it can be a really good thing to use those coupons at Walmart. I got all this pictured below for.....

$2.84 YES $2.84

There have been so many coupons online for Johnson's lately, I have been saving them all up. So I decided to use those. Then I looked online here to find out what else I should pick up. I was most excited to get the Suave lotion for free.

I really wanted to go to use my $2. Gillette coupons on 2 in 1 wash. Online said that they carry a 8oz. bottle for $2. Well my Walmart didn't have this so I was kinda bummed (not that we really need it but the MQ exp. Jan.31) So when I was looking at next weeks CVS flyer it looks like we will be able to use it there for FREE GILLETTE!! See how it all works out!

So keep your eye open for the Gillette if you make it to Walmart or you can just get it at CVS next week! Either way if you make it to Walmart be sure to use some of your high dollar MQ for some great FREE stuff!

You can try to print Buddies Coupons here, here, or here

Have a great Weekend!

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John Chapter 11

Verse 25

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who belives in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly Grocery Trip

Another great week!!
My total this week was $46.89.
Stayed within our $55. budget!
I spent $21.71 at Meijer, saved $28.86, and got 21 items
and $25.18 at Kroger, saved $64.66 (72%), and got 40 items
total spent $46.89 for $140.41 worth of groceries 61 items
If you break that down its only about .77 cents per item!
Be sure to check out Krogers Mega Sale this week here! It's a good one!
How did you do??

Walgreens Trip

I Know I didn't get much this week, but I still wanted to post it.
Because all this cost me $1.57 after Rebates! AWESOME!!!
I paid $7.57 (with my gift card) and I will get $6.50 put back on my gift card for Rebates.
To see how to shop Walgreens you can go here.

Daily Dose

John chapter 10

Verse 7

Therefore Jesus said again, "I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.

Verse 11

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Source for Printable Coupons

Check out this new source to print coupons. They only have a few but they look like they will come in handy. The more printables the better!
check it out here

Free V-Day Cards

This looks like a fun free project!
Go here to get 6 picture Valentines Day cards.
Shipping is even free. Guess I need to find a good pic... or take one! Offer good until Feb.1!!
You don't need to enter any credit card info. just leave it blank and click submit
Read more about it here at Freebies4Mom

Kroger Mega Sale!

Kroger is having their Mega-Sale this week. I have seen it better but I won't complain. There are plenty of good deals to get!--(My Kroger triples up to .50cents)

Here it is... (this first batch listed is the Mega Sale which means if you buy any 10 items they take off $5. instantly. This equals .50 cents off per item. Make sure you buy in multiples of 10)

Kraft cheese shreds or bars 1.99-.50 mega sale= 1.49

Nature Valley granola bars 2.69-.50 mega sale- .50MQ(tripled)=.69cents/box

Fiber one Bars $2.69- .50 mega sale -.50MQ= .69cents/ box plus load Q to your Kroger card here and here for more savings (these come off automatically)

Pace Salsa--1.99-.50 mega sale -.50MQ= FREE

Kleenex 1.49-.50 mega sale -.50/3= .50 per box (wyb in sets of 3)

Orville Red Popcorn--$2.19- .50 mega- .40 MQ= .49 cents

Heinz ketchup--1.99- .50 mega= $1.49


other items...

Kroger tortilla chips--10/10

Cottonelle-.99-.50MQ= FREE

Ground Beef $1.97/lb

Milk 4/$5.

Green Giant Steamers --possibly on sale for $1.49 -.50MQ= FREE --plus short cut EQ here (exp.27th)--this is not in our ad so I'm not sure if it's in our area...worth checking on... Edit --the steamers are included in the Mega Sale $1.99 -.50 mega -.50MQ= FREE

To see the ad go here

Well what did I miss??

Menards Rebate!!

YaY our 1st rebate check from Menards...

If you're doing the Menards rebates, I thought you might like to know that I got my 1st rebate yesterday in less than 3 weeks.

I wasn't expecting it to come on one big check but I guess it's no big deal! I will just have to spend it all at once. So I hope they keep having around $20. of freebies like they have the last
3 weeks!! My hubby is REALLY loving Menards!!

Daily Dose

John Chapter 9

Verse 38

Then the man said, "Lord, I believe," and he worshiped him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Menards Rebates Work...

If you're new to Menards here's the run down on how the rebates work.

*Menards sometimes offers Free after Rebate items. The last several weeks there have been 4-5 items each week. Most of them are limits of 1-5 each!

*Simply go to the store gather up the items. They are usually all over the store in the departments the item would normally be found in. They will have stickers in front of the item advertising the Free after Rebate price.

*For the Free items you will also need to purchase an additional $10. worth of items that are not rebated. If you do not need anything you can get a Menards gift card for future purchases. Also remember that Menards has a pretty big food section and last I checked their prices were pretty decent.

*After you check out be sure to pick up the rebate cards by the door. You will need 1 rebate card for each different item you purchased. So if you got 2 boot trays you need 1 card for that rebate. If you forget to pick the up the rebate card don't worry you can print them at home here.

*When you get home you simply have to put an address label on each card and match it up with the rebate receipt that printed at the bottom of your receipt. You can put all the rebates in the same envelope as long as they are going to the same location. (I have never had one that went somewhere different.) I also make a copy of the rebate receipts for my records just in case I don't get one.

*That's it! In a few weeks (6-8) you should begin getting the rebates in the mail. It's important to note that the Rebates can only be spent at Menards. They are not real checks they are Merchandise checks for Menards. This isn't a big deal to me since I plan on using the rebates to buy more free stuff at Menards. Kinda like we all use ECB at CVS...Same idea!

**Once you begin getting your rebate checks please note that you do not have to spend the check all at one time. They will scan the check and it will automatically save the rest for next time. They will also write the amount left, on the check for your records. Thanks to my wonderful readers for that tip!

Please e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any questions!

Daily Dose

John Chapter 8
Verse 12
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy Dessert Recipe

Eclair Cake

I found this recipe here. I made it last week and it was delicious!

The best part about it was how easy and fast it was to make.

Oh yea and I had all the ingredients on hand to make it~

5 simple ingredients...vanilla pudding, cool whip, milk, graham crackers, and choc. frosting.

Be sure to check it out!!

Daily Dose

John chapter 7
verse 37b
"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free at Menards 1-18

Wow for the 3rd week in a row, more FREE stuff at Menards.

Boot tray Free after $2. rebate--limit 2

Degreaser or Rain-x FREE after $2.50 Rebate-- limit 2 bottles

16oz curved claw hammer or 12" polysteel combination square--FREE after $2. Rebate--limit 1

Grip-it non slip shelf liner--FREE after $1.50 Rebate--limit 3 rolls

Irwin 2" Quick grip handi clamp --FREE after $3. Rebate--limit 2
Remember you have to spend $10. on items that arn't free after rebate. But you can get a $10. gift card if you don't need anything right now!! Looks like we're going back to Menards for more FREE items!
To Learn more about Menards Rebates go here

Meijer 1-18

Not nearly as good as last week but a few good deals. Hopefully Kroger will make up for it!!!

Here is what I see...

Porkloin 1.79/lb.

Kelloggs cereal 4/$10 get $2 off instantly wyb 4= $2. each -$1.MQ= $1. per box (only kinds listed)

Eckrich hot dogs 2/$3.

BC fruit snacks or Fruit by foot 2/$3. - .50/2= $1. box

hunts ketchup $1.25

Eggo waffles 1.66-.75MQ= .91 cents

Purex--$2.99 each

I can't believe it's not butter--1.33-.60/2= $1.03 each

Scotch clear packing tape--1.49- $1.MQ= .49 cents

Pringles $1. -.30/3= .80 cents each

Aunt Jemima pancake mix--1.66-.55MQ= 1.11 each


Go here to see more matchups and deals.

What do you see??


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