Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get to Meijer for CHEAP Olive Oil!!!

We try to only use olive oil, butter, or coconut oil at
our house. None of which is cheap...
So when I saw that Meijer (yea I still keep an eye on them esp.
when I'm going to be in town anyway!)
had their Pompeian Olive Oil on sale 50% off ($2.99)
stacked with a Mealbox $2. coupon (unlimited prints)
Makes them .99 cents for a 16 oz bottle of
Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

And if that's not cheap enough you
can print this coupon and get 1-2 for FREE!!
with the $1./1 MQ
For that price I'll even overlook the plastic bottle (grrr)

I had 1 - $1. MQ and 6 Mealbox coupons
so I paid $5.00 for 6 Olive Oils!!

Also in picture is Campbells Mushroom soup
on sale for .59 use $1./4 MQ printable here.
Total for 8 was $2.72 (.34 each).
I don't use these very much but they're handy in
a few meals I occasionally make!

Oh and the Red Wine Vinegar was on sale for $1.89
use a .50/1 Printable here, doubled made it .89 cents.
I love to use this in one of my chicken marinades!

Not pictured was 2 - 3 packs of yeast
On sale for .99 cents - .40 MQ doubled = .19 cents each!

Total at Meijer was around $9.00
It felt pretty good to use some coupons today!!

If you want to see all of their deals this week
Visit Bargains to Bounty!

Parchment Paper for Baked Potatoes!

Quick easy money saving tip!

Use parchment paper to wrap your potatoes!
I bought a roll from Pampered Chef about 3 months ago
after the lady saying that you can wrap your potatoes in
parchment paper and REUSE it!

I know you can just bake potatoes with nothing but we
really like how they turn out using foil. But then you
throw the foil away and it wastes ALOT when you do
10-12 potatoes at a time!

I'm excited to report that I have now used and reused the same
parchment paper for about 8 times and it shows no signs of
needing to be replaced! At this rate my roll I bought will
last years and years! (It's big)!!

So if you're interested, all I do is wrap them up just folding the ends
in and rolling. Put them on a baking sheet and bake as normal.
When you get them out unroll, stack up the papers, and put
them away until next time. I don't even see a reason to wash them
since there's never anything on them!!

Anyone do this too???
What's your secret to baked potatoes??


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