Saturday, April 17, 2010

CVS, Walgreen's, and Rite Aid Deals

Visit It's Hip to Save here for
all the CVS Deals

here for all the Walgreens Deals

and here for all the Rite Aid Deals.

Sign Up Saturday...

Welcome to Sign-Up Saturday!
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Have a great weekend!
(I'll be starting a fun giveaway
next week, Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Garage Sale and 10 Garage Sale Tips

Here it is! The Big Garage Sale I've been busy with!

It starts tomorrow! God has blessed us once again with
He is sooo Good!

So when I said "big"...
Did you imagine this???!!!!

Me either... It just kept GROWING!!!

Here's 10 Ten tips for
having your own garage sale!

1. Arrange clothes by boy/girl and size.

2. Fold the clothes nicely -- don't just pile them
on a table -- also hang nice clothes up if you can.

2. Advertise in several papers. (we do 3).
Since we have a 4+ family sale and split the cost
it only amounts to around $20. each

3. Put up lots of nice signs. Take a little time
because it does matter if they're nice!
(You can save them from year to year.)

4. Have the sale in April or May if you can.
Everyone is itching to get to the first Spring Sales
and then are burnt out by July and August when it's hot.

5. If you have a sale every year - have it at the same time
each year. Everyone around us knows we have
one every year in Mid April.

6. Price everything -- Don't tell people to make offers
or expect them to ask .

7. Have plenty of help to avoid
people waiting to check out.
(Sometimes you just can't help it though... lines do happen!!!)

8. Don't price things too high - Make sure it's priced to sell.
If you're not sure what's high for your area, you might want to
visit a few sales or ask around to people who have had sales.

9. Find Friends or Family that want to have a sale together.
It's best to fill the garage and the approach outside.
Plus you'll have help... It is ALOT of work, but
you'd be surprised how much it pays off!

10. Finding 10 things was harder than I thought...
Or maybe I'm just that TIRED!!

If you have some great tips,
be sure to us leave a comment.

Wordless Wednesday...

Oh dear....
My 3 yr. old thinks he's cool!!!

And he's armed!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Martin's 4-12

Here's what's new at Martin's Supermarket
Check Couponomic Stimulus Package here
for the complete list of deals!

Center Cut Boneless Pork Loin - $1.68/lb.

Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice - 2/$3
Use $1/2 Printable Coupon
$1 after coupon

AquaFresh - 2/$3
Use $1/1 Printable Coupon - must register, various varieties available
$0.50 after coupon

Yoplait Yogurt - 10/$5
Use $0.50/6 Printable Coupon
$0.42 after coupon

Meal Plan Monday

Well this is it... GARAGE SALE week!
Pray for great weather Thursday and Friday!

I'll post pictures later in the week so you can
see how insanely big this sale is!!! Let me just say
a 2 car garage plus 3 tents!!

Needless to say I have tons of work so I will be
doing very little posting this week!
I will be back next week with normal posting and
even an AWESOME giveaway!!

Here's our Meal Plan for the week.
The sale is at my sister's house so I won't be home much so
all of our meals are last minute or crockpot items!

Monday -- Pancakes and smoky links

Tuesday -- Grilled Chicken, baked potatoes (crockpot), beans, applesauce

Wednesday -- Beef Stroganoff (crockpot) over noodles, applesauce

Thursday -- Pick up Subway on my way home with gift card... Then CRASH!!!

Friday -- Not sure-- family dinner or Pizza Hut

Saturday -- Not sure -- Maybe something simple like cheese and salsa nachos!

Sunday -- Grilled Hamburgers, chips, carrots

For more meal plans visit orgjunkie!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meijer 4-11

Check out Bargains to Bounty here
for all the Meijer matchups this week.

Be sure to take a look because they're having
a big 10/10 get the 11th FREE sale!
I guess I'll have to miss it due to our HUGE garage sale!

Menards 4-11

Menards has 5 Freebies this week.

This ad is good through 4/18

You can also still get last week's 7 freebies through 4/18.
See that list here.

Free after Rebate --
Vinyl Mini Blinds -- FREE after $2.00 Rebate -- limit 2

Blacktop Crack Filler -- FREE after $3.50 Rebate -- limit 4

Terry Cloths 3 pack -- FREE after $1.50 Rebate -- limit 2

14" Plastic Mud Pan -- FREE after $4.00 Rebate -- limit 2

Forever Bags (food storage) -- FREE after $4.00 Rebate -- limit 2

Other Deals --
25' Tape Measure -- $1.99 after $4.00 Rebate -- limit 2

Candles -- $1.99 after $2.00 Rebate -- limit 4

Kudos 30 bar variety box -- $3.99 after $2.00 Rebate -- limit 3

Plastic Step Stool -- .99 cents after $3.00 Rebate -- limit 2


When you purchase the freebies, you must purchase an additional $10. of non-rebated items per transaction to qualify for the rebate. You can get as many freebies as you want per transaction with only one $10. additional purchase. ((**You can get a $10. Gift card if you don't need anything right now!**)) Your rebate will come in the form of a Merchandise Check. Which means you must spend it at Menards, (I just use mine for more freebies!)
It's been reported that you do not have to spend the $10. and you will still get your rebate. Since the ad says you're supposed to I still think we should as to not take advantage of the program. You can use your own judgement! Thanks for letting us know!
You do not need to purchase any additional $$ if you are only getting the rebated items that are not free.
To learn all about Menards and how to send in
their rebates go here!

Just leave a comment if you have a question
or see another good deal!


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