Saturday, March 28, 2009

CVS 3-29

There is a couple of things you might want to pick up at CVS this week...or it may be another week to skip. I don't think the deals are near what they were a year ago. I hope they pick up soon!!
**2 day sale only
Easter M&Ms-- $1.50 - $1/2 MQ= $1. per pack - lmt 6
Confect. Lane jelly beans - .50 cents- lmt 8
Paas Easter egg coloring kit-- $1.99 get $1.99 ecb= FREE -lmt 2
**Deals all week
Accu- check monitor - $9.99 get 9.99 ecb = FREE- lmt 1
Pepperidge farm goldfish - b1g1 $2.19/2-- makes them $1.10 each
Glade Sense & Spray - $5.99 -$4.MQ(exp 3/29) get 1 ecb = .99 each
Go here to see more deals. And go here to see the ad scans.

Walgreens 3-29

You can go here to check out the Walgreens deals this week. You might want to check out the Pepsi deal and you can get free chapstick. That's really all I saw worth mentioning. Let us know if you see something else exciting!!

Go here to see the ad scans.

Door Prize Winner...

Thanks to all who visited me from the Blog party. I had such a great time reading your comments and visiting your sites! I think you would agree that the Ultimate Blog Party was AWESOME!!! Be sure to join in on the fun next year if you didn't this year!!
Okay Okay The winner of my ladybug door prize is ...
#23 Congratulations Anoymous (you have herlan in your email), who said she would pick Raspberry Lemonade Scent...That's one of my favorites too!!
(Here are your random numbers:23
Timestamp: 2009-03-28 17:02:39 UTC)
I have sent you an e-mail and you have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you didn't receive it, please e-mail me at dailyessentialsanddeals @ gmail . com (remove spaces)
Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend. I am except it's supposed to snow here tomorrow...BRRRR..Hope it is short lived!!

Daily Dose

1 Corinthians Chapter 6

Verses 19-20

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Grocery Haul...

No, this isn't all I got this week! I took a break from lining up all my groceries and just took a pic of this great deal! Yep I got all 5 packs of wipes for FREE!! Notice the packs say "Gentle Care" which means we can use the $5. printable. They are on sale at Meijer for $5. each this week. Awesome deal!!!
We should be stocked up for quite some time! Especially since we're potty training next week. Yes I'm taking the plunge and I think I'll blog about it to keep me accountable...Stay tuned to that mess!!! We'll just use the extra wipes for camping.... We can get a little messy diggin' in the dirt!
So in case you're interested here is the rundown of everything I got this week. Including 6 gallons of milk, which is more that we will need this week...
At Meijer I spent $24.22 for 26 items
Kroger I spent $27.78 for 29 items
and Walgreens I spent $5.07 for 13 items
Total was $57.07 which is just above my $55. budget, but I will get $5. back in rebates from Walgreens this week. So I am fine with being a touch over especially since I got some milk for next week!
How did you do? Leave a comment if you found any great deals.
I think my best deal was finding one of those gallons of milk for .64cents! Yep .64 cents, always keep your eyes open at Kroger and Meijer for their wonderful Managers Specials. It seems I almost always snag something for nearly free that is on Managers Special!

Kids Bathroom...Done!!

Sarah is hosting Spring Cleaning. Go here to check it out. We are on week 4 of 10 and would love for you to join in Monday for week 5. Posting about it really does get me motivated to actually get it done. I need a little push is not one of my strong spots!!

This week I am cleaning the kids bathroom....If you missed my post with pics earlier in the week you can go here.

I didn't take any new pics because it really didn't look a lot different besides the counter and tub being clean. I managed to clean the walls, tub, sink area, floor, and of course toilet (yuk)!! Okay mark that one off my list, I'm done!!

How did you do. Go here to link up!

Daily Dose

1 Corinthians Chapter 5

Verse 6

Your boasting is not good. Don't you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nacho Meat Sauce Recipe

Nacho Meat Sauce
This recipe is absolutely simple and it only takes 5 ingredients! Those are my favorite kind of recipes! We sometimes have this for dinner on Sunday nights.
1 can refried beans
1/2 lb. hamburger-- I even use a little less
4-5 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 - 1 cup ketchup -- this is approximate
2/3 cup brown sugar
Fry hamburger in skillet; drain grease: add other ingredients, stir; simmer 5 min.
I usually put it in a small dip crockpot and it's ready whenever. Serve with tortilla chips of course. ENJOY!!

For more recipes go here

Things I Love Thursday

I love being able to get out and play.... And so do my kiddos!!
I get so sick of being couped up all winter in the house and the kids get even sicker of it. It's finally time to get out and enjoy God's wonderful creation. And only wearing a sweatshirt makes it even sweeter! So get out and enjoy the fresh air. I know we are!!!
For more things I love Thurs. go here!

Daily Dose

1 Corinthians chapter 4

verse 5

Therfore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walgreens Deal!!

Be sure to stop in at Walgreens and get your FREE tomato sauce!
Stop in and buy 13 (not 11) cans of tomato sauce. Your total should be $10.40 then give them the .39 cent in ad coupon. It should take your total down to $5.07 (this will be your oop). Then keep your receipt and submit rebate #29 for $5. off $10. purchase. You should end paying .07 cents for 13 cans of tomato sauce.
Okay so not free but .07 cents for 13 cans is close enough in my book.
I was shocked, my Walgreens had plenty in stock...

The End of Easy Saver Program

It sounds like April will be the last month Walgreens will be doing their Easy Saver Program. I hope they replace it with something good. Like maybe an instant program like CVS ECB! We'll see this might be good and might be bad...

go here to get a few more details! Thanks STL Mommy.

In His Word Wednesday

Welcome again to "In His Word Wednesday"
If you missed the first two weeks of this new segment, you can go here.
This is just a mister linky where I would love everyone to post something on your blog that would encourage others. It can be as simple as a Bible verse, or just simple words of encouragment. Whatever God has placed on your heart. It can even be a prayer request or a praise. I would love to know how to pray for you.
So simply post something on your blog (you can use my banner if you want to) and come back here and sign the mister linky. Then we can all find you and be encouraged or pray for you!! Sound good??!!
This week I just have a few verses to share.
This is in Matthew chapter 14 verse 27b
"Take courage! It is I. Don't be afaid."
and verse 31b
"You of little faith, he said, "why did you doubt?"
I often wonder after something happens, why did I doubt, why was I afraid....I know God is in control and there is no need to doubt or be afraid. I need to remember to just pray that His will be done.
Okay your turn....Don't be shy!!

Daily Dose

1 Corinthians chapter 3

verse 16-17

Don't you know that you are yourselves are God's temple and that God's spirit lives in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Lemonade Award!!

I'm so excited, Kathy at Chatty Kathy, The Yip Yap of a Thrifty Webster Mom has given me the Lemonade Award!! Thank you Kathy!! Be sure to check out her cute blog here!
This means I get to nominate 10 blogs to receive the award!!
The Rules:
1) Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post
2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude
3) Link to your nominees within your post
4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award
Here are my nominees...
Be sure to visit these great blogs and congratulate them!!

Kroger 3-24

Here's the deals I see at Kroger this week. They are having a pretty big 10/$10 sale, but there are not many coupon matchups to go with it. Depending on what you need you might find some pretty good deals tho. I thought the Kroger cooking spray for $1. was a pretty good deal. That is not something I am well stocked on right now!

Please note, my Kroger triples to .50 cents.
10/$10 deals---you do not have to buy 10 to get $1. deals...
Bounty Paper Towels -- $1. -.25MQ = .25
Land O Lakes cold meat-- $1.
Kroger cooking spray -- $1.
Sobe Life Water -- $1. -.50MQ= FREE
Scotch Brite -- $1. -.75/2MQ= .62 cents
--check ad for more 10/$10.
Other Deals...
Quaker True Delights $1.50 wyb4 -$1.MQ= .50--mix & match
Fiber &Omega granona bars $1.50 wyb4 -$1.MQ=.50--mix & match
Bob Evans gravy-- $2.50 -.50MQ= $1.
Grapes -.97 cents/lb
Kroger mac & cheese --.39 cents
Kraft cheese shreds or bars -- $1.79
Pillsbury --$1.(wyb 4) -.25 MQ= .25 cents
Cottonelle- .99 -.50/2 = .25 cents
That's it, let me know what you see. Just leave a comment if you see a good deal or a coupon matchup!
Don't forget to load coupons directly on your Kroger card here and here.

Making things "Homemade"

Sarah over here is starting a new series on making things yourself, by hand. Today she is covering making a homemade rice neck bag. These bags are wonderful! I often have neck problems and these rice bags really help!

I've never made one (my hubbys grandma made us one), but Sarah makes it look really easy and gives a very detailed plan to make it. Be sure to check it out and if you have a sewing maching try it! You'll love it!

Thanks Sarah

Daily Dose

I Corinthians Chapter 2

Verse 9

However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"

Wow I can imagine a pretty awesome place, yet it says that my mind can't conceive what God has prepared. I can't even process that statement... it must be so unbelievable...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning --Kids Bathroom

This week I will be focusing on the Kids bathroom upstairs. It's a very small bathroom with a slanted roof. But it serves it purpose very well! Go here to get the complete assignment and to link up. We'd love to have you join in!!

I plan to wash the walls, floor, sink, and everywhere else. Clean up and try to organize their sink area better. I don't think this job will take real long since it's so small. We'll see!
Remember go here to link up, don't be shy!!!

Weekly Menu 3-23

Here's our menu plan this week...

Monday--Crockpot Lasagna -- (didn't use this Sunday)

Tuesday-- Grilled Chicken, fried potatoes, and veggies

Wednesday-- Grilled hamburgers with mushroom sauce and french fries

Thursday-- Ham Steaks with rice stir fry

Friday-- out or leftovers

Saturday -- Homemade Pizza

Sunday -- Crock pot Whole Chicken Fryer with potatoes and veggies

I'm trying this mushroom sauce on top of our hamburgers. It sounds yummy to me!!

I'm waiting patiently for our local butcher to open. It is usually the first week in April. So I am using up some of the meat in our freezer.

I encourage you to check into your local butcher. Mine has so much better meat than the grocery stores and the prices can't be beat. It's like having grocery store sale prices all the time on better meat!! Can't wait!!!!

For more menus go here...

Daily Dose

1 Corinthians 1

Verse 31

Therefore, as it is written: "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meijer 3-22

Meijer doesn't seem to be as good as the last few weeks, but still some good deals to get!
Grapes -- .99 cents/lb.
Oscar meyer hot dogs --$1.66 -$1/2MQ= $1.15
Pioneer sugar -- $1.99
Meijer syrup -- 20% off
Kelloggs poptarts -- $1.50- $1/2 MQ= $1.00
Kraft Cheese -- 1/2 off --this is usually still around $2.
milk $1.97
Huggies wipes 2/$10 - may be able to use $5. MQ= FREE
Pillsbury grands --$1.25 -.50/3MQ= .92 cents
Knorr pasta or rice -- $1. -.60/2= .70 cents
Peter Pan PB -- $1.66 -$1. IP here = .66 cents-- also $1./3 MB here
Heinz Ketchup -- $1.66 -$1/2 MB =$1.15
Oreos $2.50 -$1./MQ(wyb milk) -$1/3MB-- buy 2 and get gal. milk free
Deal idea for oreos and milk
$10. -- buy 4 oreos --$2.50 each
$4. --2 gal milk--must buy to use MQ
$0.00 - 2 gal. milk free-- Meijer promo
$14.00 total
-$4 MQ --found at tearpad in CVS $1./oreos wyb gal. milk
-$1./3 oreos MB
$9. total for 4 gal. milk and 4 oreos. not bad!!!

That's what I see. Let us know in a comment if you see anything to add...
Have a great week!
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Menards 3-22

Menards has 2 freebies this week and 2 really good deals that I will note.
This ad is good through April 5

Black & decker Handy Driver 7 pc set-- FREE after $2.50 Rebate -- limit 2

Superlight 14 LED flashlight -- FREE after $6.00 rebate -- limit 2

Dap Sealant -- .99 cents after $2.00 rebate -- limit 6

Crayola Markers and Highlighters -- .49 cents after $2.00 rebate -- limit 10

Be sure to check the ad for more rebate deals. There are more items that are decent deals after rebate.
When you purchase these freebies, you must purchase an additional $10. of non-rebated items to qualify for the rebate. **You can get a $10. Gift card if you don't need anything right now!** Your rebate will come in the form of a Merchandise Check. Which means you must spend it at Menards, (I just use mine for more freebies!)
To learn all about Menards and how to send in their rebates go here!
Be sure to check out my Ultimate Blog Party post here. I have a cute ladybug potpourri giveaway going on!


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