Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sign Up Saturday...

Welcome to Sign-Up Saturday!
If you are having a giveaway on your blog, link up below!!
Link directly to your giveaway page. Please make sure it's family friendly!
Also if you've found a good deal or a freebie
link up for that too. That way we don't miss any great deals!!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Week (Day) in a nutshell!

Here's my week in a nutshell!
(Actually all this happened today!!!)

Watched a few (one not pictured) of my nieces (2 on the right)!
Actually they just played with my kids, very
little watching involved!!
My daughter LOVES to have girls over since she's
stuck with 3 brothers!!

Picked lots of produce! I'm still loving the lettuce and
I enjoyed my first cucumber last week. It lasted 1 meal!

Pictured is 3 big bags of lettuce (had 4 but gave one to my MIL),
4 cucumbers, and a few straggling peas!

Sprouting my next batch of alfalfa sprouts!
More on how to do this coming soon!
These are SOOO Nutritious and Delicious!
Oh and EASY too!!

Figured out that the bees were huddled outside the hive because
we needed to add super to our beehive!
YAY! We might actually get some honey from this hive...
Our other hive is nearly dead...
But Hey 1 for 2 the first year... we'll take it!

Made MORE Granola.
Last Thursday I discovered a granola
recipe that Everyone not only likes but LOVES!!
I've made 4 batches in 6 days!!
I don't have time now, but I'll share the recipe next week!

We've also been spending tons of time in the pool. The
lowest high for the coming 7 days is 85*
Sorry no picture... I guess I haven't taken any pool pics
this year yet... What is wrong with me!?!?!?

And we're packing up the camper! We'll be going to my mom's
tomorrow for a sort of "Staycation"!
My mom has a hot tub and tons of room to run and play
and my sister who lives next door has
a pool with a ginormous deck.

What more could we want on vacation!!!

Have a good week everyone!
See you next week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Menards 6-20

Menards has a few freebies this week.

This ad is good through June 27

16' Chrome Tape Measure -- FREE after $3.00 Rebate -- limit 2

14 LED Flashlight -- FREE after $6.00 Rebate -- limit 2

Strip and Clean Sanding Pad -- FREE after $3.00 Rebate -- limit 3

When you purchase the freebies, you must purchase an additional $10. of non-rebated items per transaction to qualify for the rebate. You can get as many freebies as you want per transaction with only one $10. additional purchase. ((**You can get a $10. Gift card if you don't need anything right now!**)) Your rebate will come in the form of a Merchandise Check. Which means you must spend it at Menards, (I just use mine for more freebies!)
It's been reported that you do not have to spend the $10. and you will still get your rebate. Since the ad says you're supposed to I still think we should as to not take advantage of the program. You can use your own judgement! Thanks for letting us know!
You do not need to purchase any additional $$ if you are only getting the rebated items that are not free.
To learn all about Menards and how to send in
their rebates go here!

Just leave a comment if you have a question
or see another good deal!


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