Friday, April 8, 2011

Yay for garage sale season!!!

I went to my first garage sale of the year this morning.
so I thought I would share my goodies!!

I actually went because they had advertised that they had
canning jars and freezer containers!! Yea, they
were already gone at just after 8am. I figured...

Anyway I thought since I'm there I'd look around...
Glad I did....

I got 3 pairs of much needed, really cute shorts for
my 10 yr in her exact size for .50 cents each!!

I also picked up 2 pairs of jeans and 2 jean shorts for my 4 yr. old.
also .50 cents each!!
(he wouldn't take the pair off so I just put him in the picture)


A pair of barely worn boots for MEMEMEMEMEME!
They are my EXACT size!!!!
I've been wanting black boots, and for $2.00
now I have some!!! These were still in the box from Kohls
with a sale sticker of $50.00 on them!

Grand Total...
$5.50 for 5 pair shorts, 2 jeans, and pair of boots

ahhhh I love it!!


Genesa said...

great score man!!!

Mominin said...

Loving the boots!!!!


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