Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Halee's new Toy!!!

My daughter has wanted to learn sewing for a long time!
Last week we ordered her a sewing machine (because
I have never owned one) and it came today.

She was very excited!!!

She finished her first project....
A little pouch!

The boys were lined up to get her to sew them a pouch too.
So, now she's charging .15 cents each....
"The Bop" has begun!!

("The Bop" is the name of Halee's designer line/store.
She named it years ago and it's kinda her dream!)

I'll try to keep you updated
as she finishes projects.

Good Job Halee!!!!!


Carolyn said...

Halee can you make me a bop to
and can you mend a pair of pants for me?? This is awesome!! You go girl

Mominin said...

Great job, Halee!!! I'll have to have you give me lessons (the sewing machine I bought for the girls and I is still in the box!).

Christina said...

Way to go Halee and best of luck to her. I think thats awesome. I've had my sewing machine for years, made a few dresses and it still scares me a bit so I rarely use it LOL

Genesa said...

Good job Halee!

Unknown said...

oh i love it! i decided to sew years ago & bought a sewing machine- i could never get it threaded right- even with the instruction booklet!!!! which one is this? new follower- kelli


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