Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Menards Rebates Work...

If you're new to Menards here's the run down on how the rebates work.

*Menards sometimes offers Free after Rebate items. The last several weeks there have been 4-5 items each week. Most of them are limits of 1-5 each!

*Simply go to the store gather up the items. They are usually all over the store in the departments the item would normally be found in. They will have stickers in front of the item advertising the Free after Rebate price.

*For the Free items you will also need to purchase an additional $10. worth of items that are not rebated. If you do not need anything you can get a Menards gift card for future purchases. Also remember that Menards has a pretty big food section and last I checked their prices were pretty decent.

*After you check out be sure to pick up the rebate cards by the door. You will need 1 rebate card for each different item you purchased. So if you got 2 boot trays you need 1 card for that rebate. If you forget to pick the up the rebate card don't worry you can print them at home here.

*When you get home you simply have to put an address label on each card and match it up with the rebate receipt that printed at the bottom of your receipt. You can put all the rebates in the same envelope as long as they are going to the same location. (I have never had one that went somewhere different.) I also make a copy of the rebate receipts for my records just in case I don't get one.

*That's it! In a few weeks (6-8) you should begin getting the rebates in the mail. It's important to note that the Rebates can only be spent at Menards. They are not real checks they are Merchandise checks for Menards. This isn't a big deal to me since I plan on using the rebates to buy more free stuff at Menards. Kinda like we all use ECB at CVS...Same idea!

**Once you begin getting your rebate checks please note that you do not have to spend the check all at one time. They will scan the check and it will automatically save the rest for next time. They will also write the amount left, on the check for your records. Thanks to my wonderful readers for that tip!

Please e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any questions!


Anonymous said...

kI was wondering: Ok lets say i go and buy a couple far items. Then i buy a $20-$25 gift card. (so my initial buy in is maybe 30-35$ depending on how many far items i buy) I send in my rebates on my far items right so that's done for that week.
Then the next week or so i go in and buy a couple of those far items.
My question is when i go to pay I'm going to tell the clerk to add a $10 gift card to my total. Then I'll pay with my $25 gift card. Can I do that? Can i pay with a gift card and at the same time reload it with $10 more? Does that make sense? Then I'm not ever really spending out of pocket...the purchase of my firt inital gift card should always cover the $10 buy and also whatever my purchases usually might add up to, so maybe an extra $20 right??

Let me know what you think, if you can ok? Thanks. Bethany

Megan said...

Sorry Bethany I just now saw this... I've thought about that too and I'm not sure of the answer! I guess I'm not sure why you couldn't use a gift card to buy a gift card.

I'm sure the cashier might think this is weird if they think about it. I think this is a YMMV(Your miles may vary) type of thing. They may or may not let you do this. and it could be different each time.

Let us know what you find out if you try it! With our business My husband spends plenty of $$ there so it isn't an issue for us!

Anyone else have any input??

Suz said...

Just a tip... you don't have to purchase the additional $10 to get your rebate. They prefer that you do, but will honor your rebate even if you don't. I've done it on a few occasions when I just didn't need anything else at Menard's at the time and they accepted my rebates no prob.

You can also send in multiple rebates in one envie! Don't waste your stamps. Just pick one and write the address out of the one and put multiple forms in one envie. They will put all the $ on one rebate form, but saves you $ on postage!

Hope that helps you all!

Johnny said...

I want to make sure I do this right...as I have been couponing for awhile now and simply have been too lazy to throw Menard's in there.
Do I have to pend $10/ FAR item? Or just $10, then I can get as many FAR's as I want?
This week I would like to get more than one deal...so I want to do it right.

Megan said...

You will need to spend $10. for the entire transaction no matter how many freebies you decide to get!


Anonymous said...

I cashier at Menards, so here is my input. You do NOT have to spend @10.00. You could just buy ALL rebate items, and it will print out the rebate for each on the end of your receipt. Bethany...we cannot reload gift cards ( our technology is not such, at present time!) but you can absolutely buy a gift card using a gift card to pay! When we run the "no interest/no payment" promotion on all purchases over $299 when you use the Menard credit card, and people fall a bit short on getting that amount, I recommend they buy a gift card to put them over that amount. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Does Menard's take Mfg Cpns?

WiJoyMom said...

when sending in more than 1 Menards rebate to the same PO Box...which item do you put on the top line of the mailing envelope? Does it matter?

Ex. right now I have 2 rebates to send in, Ear Buds and Super Glue...do I need to put both on the top line? or just pick 1 of those for the top envelope line?

WiJoyMom said...

A while back, something I wanted for a rebate was all sold out, so, they gave me a 'sorry slip' so, I could still get the sale price & send it in for the rebate.

I delayed sending it in...now it has been a few weeks or more, will they take a rebate for something that is a month or so past the deadline date? Is there a ph # I can call to ask them? Thanks


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