Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kroger Mega Sale!

Kroger is having their Mega-Sale this week. I have seen it better but I won't complain. There are plenty of good deals to get!--(My Kroger triples up to .50cents)

Here it is... (this first batch listed is the Mega Sale which means if you buy any 10 items they take off $5. instantly. This equals .50 cents off per item. Make sure you buy in multiples of 10)

Kraft cheese shreds or bars 1.99-.50 mega sale= 1.49

Nature Valley granola bars 2.69-.50 mega sale- .50MQ(tripled)=.69cents/box

Fiber one Bars $2.69- .50 mega sale -.50MQ= .69cents/ box plus load Q to your Kroger card here and here for more savings (these come off automatically)

Pace Salsa--1.99-.50 mega sale -.50MQ= FREE

Kleenex 1.49-.50 mega sale -.50/3= .50 per box (wyb in sets of 3)

Orville Red Popcorn--$2.19- .50 mega- .40 MQ= .49 cents

Heinz ketchup--1.99- .50 mega= $1.49


other items...

Kroger tortilla chips--10/10

Cottonelle-.99-.50MQ= FREE

Ground Beef $1.97/lb

Milk 4/$5.

Green Giant Steamers --possibly on sale for $1.49 -.50MQ= FREE --plus short cut EQ here (exp.27th)--this is not in our ad so I'm not sure if it's in our area...worth checking on... Edit --the steamers are included in the Mega Sale $1.99 -.50 mega -.50MQ= FREE

To see the ad go here

Well what did I miss??

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