Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekly Meals

I usually post this on Tuesday but I'm a little behind this here is our meals for next week...

Mon. --roast, potatoes, carrots in crockpot
Tues. --Pizza casserole in crockpot
Wed. --Potato soup and bread--carried over from last week
Thurs.--Chili and baked potatoes
Fri. --Out or leftovers
Sat.-- Homemade pizza
Sun.--Whole fryer chicken in crockpot, potatoes, and veggie --also carried over from last week.

For all these meals I have to buy pizza sauce, potatoes, and roast.

I got to carry over 2 meals from last week since we had a Christmas party and shopping that I didn't account for!

So what are you eatin'?

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