Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

I thought this was a pretty average week! I definitely got some good deals and
only spent $48.90 for all this!
I bought some milk earlier in the week at CVS with overage and a gift card.
I am also planning on going to Kroger for an extra trip to do the General Mills & Milk deal, read about it here. It's a good one. Be sure to check if your area is participating!

Okay here's the breakdown...
I spent $26.22 at Kroger for 28 items. Saved $26.22 (50%)
And $22.68 at Meijer for 27 items. Saved $28.41
Total spent was $48.90 for 55 items or .89 cents/item
saved $54.63 which means this would normally cost me $103.53 without sales and coupons!
I have about $6.00 left of my $55. budget to buy pork chops at our local butcher and to do the GM deal at Kroger. I think this is very possible because Kroger will only cost about $2.50 and pork chops should only be a few dollars!
So how'd you do? Did you find any great deals?


Megan said...

wow, great trip!

Anonymous said...

Made out pretty good at Walgreen's this week with their Lysol sale. Several items were B1G1 and the wipes were 2/$7. There were coupons in the insert from 3/15 for all the items (though I only had one of each so I could not make a steal on the free items) combine that with the $3 rebate Lysol is offering at their website and it broke down to less that $.80 per item (would have been more if I had coupons for the free items - oh well - still think I did pretty good!) More details about it on my blog if you are interested.

Megan said...

thanks Steph, sounds like you did awesome. I'll be over to your blog to check it out!


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