Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Groceries

This week I made a stop at Aldi's.
I haven't been there in months but it looks like, thanks to Kroger closing, I'll be visiting more often. We'll see how things work out as I do a little grocery restructuring. I still have an option to go to Kroger in another town it's just not so convenient.
I also got an unconfirmed word that another Kroger around here is closing.
What's going on???
This picture cost me $43.89

At Aldi I spent $35.14 for 43 items
And at Meijer I spent $8.75 for 21 items
I had to get some Chlorine for our pool so I was able to
use a $5./$30 I got at Meijer last week even tho I didn't get
that many groceries!
Guess What... the Machine spit out another $5./$30 YIPEE
Love free food at Meijer
Anyone else been getting these $5./$30. coupons
or am I just lucky this time??

All together I spent
$43.89 for 64 items. or .69 cents per item
I also spent money at CVS for milk this week and I spent about $5. for toilet paper at Menards.
I'm only getting cold meat at the Butcher this week for a couple dollars So I think I stayed right at my $55. budget!
Anyone else have any Kroger Stores Closing in your
areas or is it just around here??

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Mommy-Wise said...

I hear so many great stories about Aldi's! Wish I had one!! Great savings!

Megan said...

I so wish there was an Aldi's closer to me.

Savings Ninja said...

Looks like you did really well! I too, wish we had an Aldi's!

Lorie said...

You did great! We had a Kroger's close about 5 years ago and I remember getting such great deals.


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