Monday, September 21, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

It's Monday again already!!!
Here's our Menu plan this week...

Monday -- Spaghetti and salad with all the fixins'
Tuesday -- Grilled Chicken, potatoes, corn, and beans
Wednesday -- Taco Salads with fruit
Thursday -- Grilled Ham Steaks, fried potatoes, beans
Friday -- Out with hubby for my Birthday (Monday)
Saturday -- Hmm normally we have pizza but we're having that for the birthday party... Soooo I don't know????? Maybe just leftovers!!!!
Sunday -- Pizza Birthday Party for 2 of my Nieces

Yea!! It's a good week when you're only having to cook 4 times!
Especially in a busy week!!!

When we get back from Covered Bridge (Mid October) I'm hoping to start adding
in more soups and crock pot meals. I love the changing of seasons and
with that the changing of our normal meals!!!
It always keeps things Fresh and new!!!

For more menu plans visit Orgjunkie!


Kimber said...

Have you ever tried making shredded beef (for tacos) in the slow cooker? 2 pounds of stew meat, a pack of taco seasoning, sprinkle with seasoned salt and dehydrated onion, cook on slow for 8 hours. YUM! Great winter recipe. And ... happy birthday!!

Megan said...

sounds Great Kimber! Thanks for the idea. I really want to take some of my October groc. money and stock up on some Stew meat. You can do so much with it!

Thanks for the birthday wish too!

darnold23 said...

Come post your favorite crock pot recipe at Crock Pot Wednesday on


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