Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Groceries + HONEY!!

Another unimpressive week, I know!!!!

I even did something this week that I haven't done in
close to 2 years... I went to our little local grocery store.
Yikes I about jumped out of my pants at the prices!!!

But it was convenient to only get a few essentials.
Saved time and GAS!!

I spent $22.65
All 4 kids were with me and I caved into buying
donuts and apple juice. Now I know why
they never come with me!!! I used to buy these
donuts all the time and they remembered them so I
thought it would be a nice treat!!
Then I stopped in and bought 1 gallon of locally grown
honey from my SIL's uncle!!
I'm attempting to switch all our sugar usage to honey.
I'm so curious how long 1 gallon will last...
More on our honey adventures later!!

btw--The honey is not really as dark as it looks in the picture.

February's almost over so here are our totals...
Higher than I hoped but with the honey, I'm happy
with that total. It's still low and I saved almost $100. off
my normal monthly budget!

Yearly totals
January -- $121.22
February -- $145.74
Total $266.96 for 2 months

I'm making a little head way on my freezer, but I still
have a ways to go. So I'm continuing into March.


Genesa said...

How much did you pay for that little cutie? =) Know what you mean about the donuts, but you can see his sheer joy!!!! Oh, can't wait for the honey!!!!

Sarah said...

My honey, I have probably used about 4 cups out of my gallon. I will be using up more today! Deven was figuring if one hive produced 11-13 gallons in a year, then that would mean we have around a gallon to use each month. I think I could do that, especially when we cook so much from scratch!

I did a rundown of my February groceries (will post on Tuesday) and I hit right where I wanted to BUT my savings totals were at 39%, because I bought more baking stuff this month, and that stuff doesn't have coupons, and rarely goes on sale. But I was happy too...

You did great!

BTW- Did you TASTE the honey yet? There is NOTHING like REAL honey... My uncle has done that since I can remember... I love honey!

Megan said...

Yea I was thinking I would probably go through a gallon of honey per month at the most - maybe 6 weeks. but maybe more during canning season.

I just did a taste test and I will NEVER go back... WOW Love it!!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

I know what you mean, I can never take my son shopping with me because I end up spending much more!

You're doing such a great savings job! :D


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