Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm still here and Our Meal Plan!!!!

Hi everyone!! I'm still in the living and our family is
doing just fine!! (well as fine as we get!!)

I appreciate you all being patient with me while I take
a bloggy break!! There just isn't enough hours in the day
to do it all! Blogging was becoming more like a job than a
hobby and I never wanted that!!

I enjoy blogging very much and am hoping to get back on
some sort of schedule soon. I'll probably never post daily like I
used to but I do hope to at least post several times a week!

So here's our meal plan for the week.

Monday -- Pancakes and smoky links

Tuesday -- Meatballs, potatoes, green beans, applesauce

Wednesday -- BLT's and Fruit Smoothies (YUM!!)

Thursday -- Grilled chicken, potatoes, veggie, and applesauce

Friday -- Birthday Party for my youngest! -- hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, pasta salad, mac and cheese (his favorite!), and chips-- Homemade Chocolate cake with homemade icecream (YUMYUMYUMYUM!!)

Saturday -- Homemade Pizza

Sunday -- Not sure??? Leftovers??

For more menu ideas visit orgjunkie.

Have a great week!
It's going to be a HOT one around here!


Genesa said...

I've missed you, glad your back! Can't wait for the party!!!

April said...

You have been missed, but I totally understand, our family does have to come first. Nothing wrong with cutting your blogging down to every other day, or even once or twice a week is fine. Whatever it takes to keep you happy and able to come back, that's what you do. Take care and see you when your able. Happy early birthday to your son!

Susan said...

Yea, I missed you too! I am glad you are back and I know how it is...even for just me....and I don't have a seems there is not enough hours in the day especially this time of year.


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