Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Update!!

The rain has stopped but thankfully it keeps growing!!

Here through June we have been getting some serious rain...
But in July someone shut off the water!!

I'm hopeful the forecast is right and we get some today!!

Part of my corn didn't come up the first time so I replanted it.
That's why some of it is much shorter!
The taller stalks have big corn cobs on them!
My son, Malachi, is so excited

I've been able to eat a few cherry tomatoes and the
Roma's are looking good and loaded!!

I Pray the tomato worms don't visit!!

The potatoes plants are dying and getting
ready for us to enjoy some yummy potatoes!

Oh my, what can I say about the zucchini...
It's large, In charge, and Taking over!!!

Poor beans getting bullied by the zucchini!!

Here's a tally so far.... I've gotten several cherry tomatoes, about 15 cucumbers, around 8 zucchini, tons of lettuce, 4 bowls of green beans, 2 bunches of broccoli (more ready), a couple bags of peas, and 9 big bags of carrots.

I've gotten a whole lot more by July than I did last year!! The work of is really paying off and my freezer is going to be really full of yummy veggies!!

Leave a link, I'd love to see your garden!!
What have you been harvesting???


Gaertegang said...

looks so good!!!! Sounds like your harvest is going great thus far...keep up the good work!! said...

I'm just getting started with my garden. I know... I'm WAY behind. I've had a bit of a setback and I've had to move to Plan B. You can read about my Saga here:
Your garden is AMAZING!!!
I can't wait to see more, more, more.

Rachymommy -

Rose Forever said...

My garden looks fine this week but last week I got problems with worms in my cabbage. I already started to plant some new cabbage and cover it with net that has enough ventilation for them. Wish that it’ll work.
Your garden looks great. The veggies are healthy and yummy in the photos. Thanks for sharing.


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