Monday, January 24, 2011

A week of firsts!!

Our Disney Trip!
(part 1)

It will be a week of firsts for many of my kids
especially my youngest!

We'll be staying in a hotel before we fly out.
This will be his first time ever in a hotel.
(remember we have a camper and camp alot!)

We will be flying to Orlando in an airplane.
(Please Lord, Let security be a breeze...)
This will be the first time in an airplane for all but my oldest.
(He flew when he was 2). They're so excited!
Me not so much the last time I flew, um 11 years ago, the pressure
was off and I had serious (in tears) ear pain for over an hour...

(and let me just say I'm not like my daughter, I can take pain)
My daughter is reading over my shoulder and having a fit! HEHEHEHE

This will be the first time for all my kids to be in Florida!

We'll be staying in a huge house in Orlando with
my Parents, Brother and his family, and my Sister and her family.
The house has 4 MASTER Suites with bathrooms, 3 other
bedrooms, 2 other bathrooms, a POOL, HOT TUB, and a huge gameroom!
Assuming there are no bed bugs (yuk) it should be AWESOME!!!

On Saturday we'll be going to a Character Breakfast. My SIL
has been to these and says it's great! And the food spread
is unbeliveable!!! I love Breakfast!
This of course will be a first for all of us!
The kids made autograph books at Christmas
and are anxious to fill them up!

We will be eating out a lot! Very little cooking for me!
We'll be visiting the Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex, and Planet Hollywood
in Downtown Disney!
The T-Rex will be a first for all of us.
Some of us have been to the Rainforest Cafe in Chicago.
They're really fun and unique!

While at Downtown Disney, we'll be sure to visit the big LEGO store!
(Yeah we love lego's here!)
Downtown Disney Marketplace looks like a really cool place to visit...
lots of shops and photo spots..and best of all it's free to check out!

Okay so now we're ready for Sunday...

Sunday we're planning on visiting the Beach!
It looks like it might be sunny and 70*
A little cool for the beach but since we're used to 15* it will be a dream!
Madeira Beach on the Gulf side is where my SIL suggests going.
she's our guide since she's been there a gazillion times!!!
It has shops and other things to do too.

Oh, this will be a first to see the gulf for our youngest!
the others have been to the Alabama coast!

Since this post it getting a little long and we're barely 1/2 way thru the trip,
I think I'll finish up tomorrow in another post!

Hope your week is going great!


Genesa said...

It sounds like a great vacation so far! We will be praying for safe, pain-free travels!

Dee said...

Oh, how exciting!!! I wanna go!

Gaertegang said...

ohhh sounds dreamy! That house must be something!

Christina said...

How exciting for you guys! You'll have a blast. We just did had a trip to Disney in December. I live about 5 minutes from the gulf coast. Maderia Beach is pretty nice, so is Treasure Island. We enjoy John's Pass a lot. Depending if you want to venture elsewhere during the day, Clearwater Beach has nightly entertainment. And if your looking for something fun to do during the day there is always Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see Winter the Dolphin - my kids LOVE going there (not sure about their house since they opened back up recently after filming through).


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