Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here are a few pictures from the first couple
of days of our Disney Trip!

The Whole Gang!!
Everyone liked the airplane ride, but
everyone was a little tired from not getting
much sleep in the hotel!

Halee didn't like that it hurt her ears...
I didn't either...
It took Shawn and I 2 days to get our ears
to pop and feel right. I think it was
a little worse because we were still getting
over our coughs from the flu...

The kids loved the Character
Breakfast and we thought it was
actually worth the money!!

The house was Awesome!! Except for the T.V...
Ha! The colors didn't match up so you actually saw
3 of everything! They replaced it 5 days after we were there!
That's okay though cuz we didn't watch it much anyway!

The pool was 86* WOW!!

Well I know I hardly scratched the surface, but that's
all the time I have for now.

BTW -- I took about 541 pictures for the trip!


Mominin said...

I love all the pictures! That first one is a great family picture. It looks like lots and lots of fun.

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

We went to Orlando in November and had a blast. We went to Disney, Universal, Holy Land, and Titanic. We want to do Disney and Universal again in a couple years *and* go to the beach like we had planned (but didn't do).

Genesa said...

I'm not jelous at all!! =) I'm glad you all had a great time!

Sarah said...

Great pictures!!! We will have to do it again next winter... ha! :) I want to go back to all the WARMNESS...

Megan said...

We're game, Sarah!!! It went far and above our expectations!! There's so many more places we want to visit around Disney area!!!! I can now see why people go year after year!!


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