Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Groc. this Week

Well my usual Friday trip got moved to Wednesday this week. My hubby needed some things in town so I figured we might as well save a trip on Friday. Plus you can't give up a trip to not take any kids into the stores!!!

Anyway here is what I got (it's in 2 pics). Don't mind the little muchkin eating yogurt in the background. I was able to get 4 -6packs of Yoplait for free!! He had to start enjoying them right away!!

Here is my totals--I thought it was a great week and I got a lot of food!
Kroger $15.31 (receipt says 73% total savings) I love to see that above 65%
Meijer $ 27.64
total $42.95
I will probably spend $3. on frosting (raincheck) and shredded cheese at Walgreens.
I also have spent a few dollars at CVS this week on milk.
total with walgreens and Cvs is around $48.xx
This means I have enough to go get about 3 packs of hamburger at our local butchers and still be in my $55. budget!!!
Great week!! How did you do??
This shopping trip is actually still on Krogers sale last week, which ended on Wednesday. I will post the sale that starts on Thurs. soon!


Genesa said...

Looks Great! Shad makes a lovely addition to the picture!

danielle said...

LOVE IT!!! Lots of good loot for little do tell what are your deals and Q match ups for meijer and kroger this week!!

Megan said...

I added a link at the bottom of this post for Meijer matchups.

This Kroger trip sale ended on Wednesday. It was actually last weeks sale. I will post the new sale soon!

Thanks Gen I thought he was a great addition too!

Sarah said...

Are you standing on a chair to take a picture of all of those groceries? Yeah, I did too. Good snags!


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