Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meijer 11-16

Meijer has some good deals this week.. be sure to check out their ad here.

This is what I see... remember most Meijers double MQ up .50cents.
You can get additional coupons at their Mealbox site (MB) here just click on Specials.
Green Giant Steamers .89cents- 1MQ = free

Cool whip .89cents -$1/2 mb= .40cents

Progresso broth 3/$5. =1.66-$1./MQ= .66each

Meijer noodles 1.19 each --not great but I haven't found many deals on noodles..

Idahoan potatoes- $5./5- .75/3 printable =.75cents each

Pillsbury frozen grands bisq $2. -.40MQ= 1.20 each

Argo corn starch or baking powder 1.29- .45 MQ= .39 cents

McCormick extracts --25% off -.25cent MQ -$1/2MB= anyone know aprox how much this is??

Knorr sides $5./5= buy 5 and use .5o/2MQ, .50/2MQ, .60/1 printable, and $1./5 MB=1.40/5

Pillsbury pie crusts 2.- $1/2MQ -$1/2MB= $1. each

Ragu sauce- 3/$4.= 1.33 -.50/2MQ -$1./2MB= .33cents each

Pillsbury sweet rolls 4/$5.= 1.25-.30MQ= .65each

Pillsbury crescent rolls 4/$5.=1.25-.35/1MQ -$1./2MB= .05 each

Keebler pie shell- 1.33-.25MQ= .83cents
What do you see that I missed!! let me know in the comments

have a good week!

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Sarah said...

I am going to do the Del Monte Veggies, they are 6 for $3. So $.50 ea, and there was a coupon in the Sunday paper, for $1 off 4. So with the coupon you can get them for $1 for 4 ($.25 ea). Pretty good! I am also getting the Stove Top Stuffing, Which is a great price at $.98 ea. Then I found a coupon a couple weeks ago, in the store for buy 4 get one free. So I am getting 5 for about $.78 ea. This is good, I use this for a stove top chicken bake also, in the "off season". Also the coffee creamer is a great price, plus I think there are some coupons out there....


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