Monday, November 24, 2008

Kroger 11-20----11-26

This is actually the sale that started last Thurs. and will end on Wednesday. Sorry if you've already shopped this sale.

Here is what I see

Redi-whip $2. -.50 tripled =.50 each

Green Giant Steamers $1. -1.Q= Free --put shortcuts Q on your card here for possible overage

Cottonelle .99-.25MQ =.25---add shortcuts to your card here

Kroger tortilla chips .99cents

Pillsbury frozen dinner rolls 1.99- .40MQ =.80

Kroger cheese shreds 3/$5.

Green Giant veggies 10/$10 -.50/2= .25 cents each---free if you use shortcut here

Kroger ground chuck 1.87/lb. my local butcher is too busy with deer so I'm back to buying meat at the grocery store for now..

Pillsbury sweet rolls 1.66- .30MQ= .76 cents

Turkey Hill icecream 4/$9. -$1./2 MQ= 2.00 each

Boneless beef roast 2.37/lb

Not too bad of a week at Kroger. Let me know what I missed. Looks like I'm grocery shopping on Wednesday again this week to miss the Holiday!!

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