Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here is my list for Kroger this week. To see a very complete list visit Stretching a Buck.

Kroger is running a sale where if you buy 10 items they take off $5. instantly. The prices I am listing is AFTER the $5. comes off. You can mix and match any items.

Swiss Miss .50cents-- my coupons from Sunday for Swiss Miss disappeared but I think that there is one out. Still a great price. We love Swiss Miss so I will likely buy at least 10 of these!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 1.50- .40MQ tripled = .30each

General Mills cereal 1.50 - $1./2 = $1. each...these look like small boxes but not too bad of a deal

Betty Crocker fruit snacks 1.50- .50/2MQ= .75 each

Orville Reden popcorn- 1.50 - .40MQ= .30 cents

Duncan Hines Frosting 1.00 using MQ for frosting and cake mix this will be .60 cents each.
Duncan Hines cake mix (not included in deal but on sale for $1.) --I have Q for .75 cents off when you buy frosting and cake mix. makes them .60cents each

Scotch Brite Scrubber .50 - $1./2= FREE

Dial Soap 1.00- .30 MQ= .10cents

Zatarians rice mix 1.00- .75/2= .60 cents

Betty Crocker potatoes 1.00- .35MQ= FREE

Snickers icecream bars 2.00- 1.00MQ= 1.00

Viva paper towels 1.50- .35MQ= .45cents

Ice Mountain water .50 - $1./3 = .50cents/3

Carnation Evap. milk .50 - .50/2 = FREE

There is much more that is included in the $5. instantly... check out the link at the top for a complete list .

I will do this deal in two transactions and end up with about 60 items for around 25.00 give or take. You can only get the $5. off instantly 3 times in a single transaction for a total of $15. off.

Also a good deal on Shredded cheese 3/$5.

What did I miss...What are you getting??

Have a good evening!

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