Monday, November 3, 2008


There is only a few deals this week. The real place to be is Kroger this week. I hope to post something tomorrow after the real ad comes out.

Doritos 1/2 off. anyone know the reg. price of these. I'd like to stock up to make some taco salads with some catalina dressing that's going to exp!!

Sargento cheese shreds 1/2 off-- I read that Kroger has their cheese at 1.67 this week so that might be a better deal. Anyone know the reg. price of sargento cheese?

pillsb. grands .99each--use .30/2 MQ doubled = .70 each

Kraft singles $2. - .50doubled = $1.

Club crackers 1/2 off use $1./2MQ ==should be a good price???

What do you see??


Sarah said...

The Doritos have been about $1.90 something when they are half off. So I stock up when they run this deal too. I am going today to shop, I am also looking at the Sargento deal. Sometimes these can be good, I will let you know! Also the crackers, maybe a good stock-up for the holidays! TTYL!!!

Sarah said...

Ok, here's what I know... Doritos were $1.99, Sargento Cheese was $1.99 for the 2 cup package, Keebler Club crackers were $1.73 with coupon off it was $1.23! I also got the baking chocalate, with a mealbox coupon for $1.50. And some marked down milk that doesn't expire for 5 days!

Megan said...

thanks looks like cheese is better at Kroger this week. I think it might be a quick trip at Meijer and a long trip to Kroger this week!


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