Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekly Meals

Here is our meals for next week!!

Monday--tator tot casserole and applesauce
Tuesday--Poor Mans Steak, potatoes, veggie
Wednesday--Potato soup and beer bread (sprite bread)
Thurs.--Spaghetti, cheesy bread, applesauce
Fri.--leftovers or out
Sat. homemade pizza
Sun. Whole chicken fryer in crock pot with potatoes and veggie

This week for all these meals I need to buy tator tots, string green beans, creme of mushroom soup!

What are you eating?? Anyone have a good potato soup recipe??

1 comment:

Genesa said...

Sounds yummmy!
I have a potato soup recipe, it has carrots, celery, onion, ham, cheese.(and potatoes!) If you want the recipe I'll get it to you


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