Saturday, January 3, 2009

Send Expired Coupons to Military Families!

I'm back! I've been gone because we had our last Christmas on Thurs.-Fri. this week. I hope to begin posting a little more regularly now that the holidays are officially over!! I love Christmas but sometimes getting back to normal feels good too!!

I wanted to pass along this cool piece of info that Sarah posted today.

You can send all your expired coupons to military families and they can use them for 6 months past their exp. date. What a great way to help support them!

Check out her post here. Or go here to see the list of bases you can send to.

Thanks Sarah for looking up the details!


Danielle said...

Never heard of such a thing. Great to know, now I will not feel so bad after spending all that time to cut out coupons I never used!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Megan!


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