Monday, May 11, 2009

Awesome CVS Trip!

Total .98 cents plus $1.61 Tax -- $2.59
My plan went perfectly!
I decided to get 4 boxes of cereal instead of 3. Good thing or my subtotal would have been negative and might have caused problems...
I got 4 boxes cereal $2.-$1.MQ
2 Bayer Monitor - $14.99 -14.99 MQ plus get 5 ecb each
2- milk @ 1.99 each
2- X-Tra Laundry $1.50 each
Used $10. ecb and got 10 ecb back
Total $2.59 for everything!!
This reminds me of how CVS used to be every week...
Ya know when they had the $$/$$ coupons all the time...
ahhh those were the days!!


Danielle said...

great trip! I did almost the same thing. 2 milk, 2 detergent, they only had one contour in CC...I think that was all I got...I want to check for another monitor in busco....

MamabearMills said...

awesome! are those glucose monitors?!?!

Megan said...

Yes, I belive that is what they are. Are you in need of some?? I think I have 6 that I am donating soon!

Megan said...

I agree, those were the days!


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