Thursday, July 9, 2009

HomeSchool Review and Great Math Site

It your kids are tired of Old Fashioned Flash cards,
I found it last week after searching for free math practice and my kids love it. I actually find them playing it to see if they can beat their record without me telling them to go practice!
You can use it for any operation (+, -, x, ect) and you can set how high (or low) the numbers can go. You have 60 seconds to see how many you can do.
For example for my 8yr. old I set the low number to 2 and the high number to 7. That means that the easist problem she can get is 2x2 and the hardest is 7x7.
Check it out. So easy to use!!!! AND FREE!!!
Let me know if you use any really cool
free online Math sites!

There are many great Math Programs out there but
We love Horizons for math class!
It teaches and then reviews for weeks after you've learned a new concept. It takes small steps so you never feel lost! It works for us!
You can read more about it here
I'd love to know what you use for Middle School Math.
Horizons only goes thru 6th grade which means after
next year my oldest will need something else!
He will be doing 5th grade this year.


Danielle said...

Thanks for the site on practicing math problems...makes it great for independent work...

ViaMaria said...

My daughter is currently using Teaching Textbooks. She is just about finished with Algebra II and has requested to continue with TT. The plan is to also use TT with my son this fall.

The upfront cost is a little high, but it is reusable and I've heard nothing but great reports from online friends and acquaintances.

The other Math that I recommend is Math U See, but when my daughter hit Algebra I she thought it was lacking in some areas.

Megan said...

Thanks for the review on TT. I did slightly look into that this year but decided to keep going with Horizons until it ends!

TT is definatly what I'm leaning to after that!

Elizabeth said...

Megan, we have also been switching from Horizons to Teaching Textbooks. Our oldest switched after 4th, but he tested into level 6. If you think about switching them over, go onto the website, and have them take the tests, to make sure you start them at the right level. We like Horizons, and the kids have loved TT!! It has been a smooth transition for the older kids.

Megan said...

Thanks Elizabeth, When I looked into TT a little this spring, My oldest tested to level 6 too. I think that's one of the great things about Horizons I've heard they're at least a grade level ahead!

I'm so glad TT has worked for you after Horizons! It's good to know that it's a smooth transaction



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