Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kmart Trip!

My kids have had 2 late nights so we decided not to wake them up and I stayed home from church with them. My 3 yr. old slept until almost 10 am!!! Wow he was tired, I can't remember him ever sleeping that late!
Anyway we took a quick trip up to Kmart this
morning after he woke up!
All this for $5.34!!!
In case you're planning your trip the MultiGrain Cheerios are NOT included in the GM deal. Bummer!!
I got Sparkle paper towel 3 pack ($2.99) and Angel Soft ($1.45) used this $2. MQ (FF here)doubled and got both for .45 cents!! Great Deal!
I'm printing from another computer and going back!!!
Pringles are $1.50 -$1./2 MQ= .50/ can
Visine was $3.99 -$2.MQ= FREE
Olay clearance $4. -$2.MQ= FREE
Pantene $3.33-$2.MQ= FREE
Cheerios - $2.50 -$1.MQ= $.50 cents
Oreo Cakesters -- $3.00 -$1.MQ= $1.00
I was $2.xx short of the $50. mark so I quick thru the Doritos in!
You can check out some KMart links here!
I was able to use the $5./$50 KMart coupon here and they always take more than just 10 coupons. In fact they think I'm crazy when I ask if I can use them all????!!!!!!
Visit Grocery Cart Challenge for more
Shopping trips!


Tammy said...

Wow Great Trip!

I stopped quick after church - didn't get near the deals you did but stuff I buy regular anyway and hardly ever get a great deal on.

Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent 15 size - $2.00 after coupon
JetDry Turbo Dry - $2.00 after coupon
Kotex Liners 64 pack - $1.49 after coupon
Caffeine Free Dt.Mtn Dew - $1.67/12 pack after coupon

Megan said...

Wow that's an unbelieveable deal on a 12 pack of pop!

Great trip!
Thanks for letting us know!

Danielle said...

AHHHH sleeping in such a great thing!!! I didn't make it to Kmart tired from camping! Maybe I will go later?

Anonymous said...

I should have paid better attention on the cereal when I was there. I got two of the multi grain and didn't realize until after I had left that they were not part of the promo. Even worse was that I was charged more for the other 2 boxes that were in the promo since all 4 of mine didn't qualify.


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