Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cheap Holiday Cards at Vista Print!

Vista Print is offering a Awesome deal here on Postcards.
You can get 100 Free!!
(extra cost for shipping, picture, and envelopes)

I was able to get 100 Holiday Christmas postcards
shipped for $13.32 --
with envelopes and picture!!!
((I won't lie there aren't a lot of good choices for cards
but I found a few I could live with!

I saw this deal earlier today and it was all
the incentive I needed to quick dress the kids
and go take this picture...

Would you believe I took only 2 pictures and Shad (my 3 yr. old)
decided he was scared of the tree.

I couldn't believe one of the two turned out this good.
Everyone looking and smiling
You know how it is, you take about 100 pictures
and in everyone of them someone is making a goofy face
or looking the other way or SOMETHING!!!

Anyway so I went here to Vistaprint and made this...

Sorry it's so small
Luke 2:11 is on the left and our names at the bottom
For $13. it'll do for me!!!

And it's done! I'm always ordering them in the middle of December!
and spending closer to $30. for only 50 cards...
Not this year!!!

Can you tell I'm excited!!
I'm an earlybird for once!


Genesa said...

Yay! I'll b checking them out!!

Gaertegang said...

I took advantage fo their labels deal you get 140 Label for $2.95 if you select the slow shipping (21 days) and since we have way more than that till Christmas I knew I was safe!.....I really want to take advantage of this deal too..if I can get a pic of all of us together ;)


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