Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly Groceries

Believe it or not I went over my $55. budget with just what you see
in this picture.... It cost me around $62.xx
I still don't see how that's possible...

Oh yea, missing from the picture is 1 five pound box of pretzel sticks. They were broken pieces and only $3.xx My kids will snack on these for awhile!
I didn't think Meijer had anything worth driving to and since I just went to Aldi last week, I decided to try my local bulk food store and a discount store in the same town. I didn't feel like I got much...

But in their defense I did stock up on things like cinnamon, beef base, chicken base, sprinkles for Holiday cookies, and oil. These things usually don't have coupons out for them. So I will definitely go there again, I just might use this store for very few stock up items!! At the first store, I seriously thought that my cart had about $30. worth in it... When she rang up $50.xx I about choked.

Anyway maybe part of it was not shopping with a very extensive grocery list. But I can't make a list if I don't have a sales flyer.

After I did my shopping I found out that Kroger is having their
Mega Sale.... Guess I'll count that toward next week's
Grocery Budget...

Have a great weekend!

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