Sunday, October 4, 2009

See you in 15... days that is!!!!

We're off!!!

Lots of prayer for the next 15 days is

If you haven't heard me mention it.
We go each year in October to the annual Covered Bridge Festival.
It's about an hour west of Indy!

We set up 2 booths and sell at the 10 day festival!
Since we homeschool my hubby goes down with us and takes care
of the kids. During the show, they enjoy going to the
State Parks and just relaxing!

So prayer for safety, good health, and great weather
would be awesome!

I have posts scheduled daily so you'll hardly know I'm gone... that is
as long as everything posts like it should!!! I also won't have internet access
(we're going to the boonies!!) so if you email me, I won't be able
to get back to you until I get back!

Have a great Sunday Everyone!!

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