Monday, October 5, 2009

OUCH.... My poor baby!!!

As I mentioned here last monday,
my 3 yr old had to get stitches.

Well 3 days later he woke up and could hardly open his eye.
It turned soooo black and swelled horribly.
Poor little guy!

By Saturday night it was finally back to where he could
pretty much open his eye! Thankfully!!!!
That was one HARD FALL he took on our scary steps!!
((Just ask his Aunt Shannon, every time she comes over she mentions how scary our steps are... Leave it up to Shad to prove her right after 4 years!!! grin!!!))

1 comment:

coriwestphal said...

Oh my gosh! As a mom that just makes my heart sink! Just be thankful it was a black eye. It sounds like it could've been sooooo much worse!


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