Monday, November 23, 2009

Fresh Deals -- A new way to shop!

Fresh Deals is a new site that allows you to compare
prices and products from many different stores
from the comfort of your own home! What makes
this site even more unique than others is that you can
leave comments and view comments from others about
each and every product! I love to be able to hear what others
are saying about a product I'm interested in. Also in return
leave my comments so others can read my thoughts.

Okay so for example say I'm looking for a laptop. (I'm always
looking for a good deal since mine is going on 4 years old).
I simply go to and type "laptop" into the search.
This is what came up. Near the top I can change the way they sort
the products. I usually choose price -low to high (I know, I'm cheap ((or poor!!))
Anyway, so I see that I can get a Toshiba Laptop for around $330. If I click "go"
It will take me to Best Buy's actual website. From there I can proceed
or return and look at another product.

They also have a tab near the top called "Deals" (of course
it peeked my attention!) If you click on it, it will take you to
what they call their "Freshest Deal" When I checked it was a
Hoover Elite Upright Vacuum for only $114. (regular price was $349.)
I can see how you could get hooked and check this often!

They have categories from clothing and shoes to
electronics and Computers.
They even have a huge category filled with kids stuff!
I think my daughter would love this sewing machine...
maybe next year for Christmas!

So if you're searching for, well just about anything be
sure to save yourself some time and check it out on
freshdeals before you waste your precious time
shopping around!

Just so you know, I was compensated by this company for doing a review
of their site. I can assure you that everything I
say here was by my own will and I believe everything I said!
Go try them out!

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