Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weekly Groceries- (kind of)

I haven't posted grocery pictures for a while. Basically
because I haven't done any "real" grocery
shopping for 4-5 weeks!
This week is actually no different but I thought I'd
share it with you anyway!!
(plus I had time to take the picture!)

I was in a town with a Kroger so I stopped in
to use some coupons that were getting close to expiring!
(Plus they triple to .50 cents there!!)

I spent $26.01 at Kroger Saving $46.55 (64%)
22 items making it $1.18/ item
(2 butter tubs and 2 Nesquik milkshakes not shown)

Spent $3.99 at Walgreens -- They only had 1 monitor so
I couldn't take advantage of the $13. RR. I only got 5.RR then
I used it for my 2nd trans. and ended up with $2. RR for next time.
Got 2 cereal, 1 milk, 1 honey, and 2 tweezers

Then at CVS I spent $3.24 for 2 conditioners, 2 dawn, 2 packs Ivory soap, and vanilla-- They were also out of the Bayer Monitors.. Oh well Still a great trip!
All totaled I spent $33.24
Oh and did I mention $7.43 of that was on those grapes. I needed them for our Christmas... $3.xx/lb I about croaked!!! I'm glad the kids will LOVE THEM!!
Sometimes It's okay to SPLURGE!!


Genesa said...

Yeah we had the same thought when we got ours!!!

my little world said...

I think I got those same grapes at that same price... they were very expensive.. but like you said needed them. It amazes me how you can save so much money.. I really need to be able to do that. I try shopping once a month for meat and non parishable stuff then one more time during the month for milk, eggs, fruits and veggies ect... I'd love to be able to save that much money though... Happy NEW YEARS


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