Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Groceries- Pantry Challenge

This week I visited CVS 2 times
and went to Walgreens and Meijer.

Total for items in Picture was $24.83

Then I spent $9.62 at CVS and another $9.95 at CVS
Both trips were mainly Mt. Dew
This is a major stock up of 12- 12 packs for under $20.

This brings my 3 week total up to

I was hoping for a little less but what
can you expect when you buy 12 packs of pop!?!?!

BTW-- I'm thinking of extending my
pantry challenge another month! The deals
have been so good that I've not seen my stock go
down that much.

Plus I have new motive... my computer
has shown the dreaded "blue screen" 2 times in the last
few weeks.. yikes!! It's working fine now but I fear it's
on its last leg (4 years old). So if I can save money, it might go
towards that or if it can wait a few more months, my grocery
budget might be able to buy me a new computer!!
How cool would that be!!!!!

Oh yea, My freezer is loving it too... There
is so much stuff in there that has sat on the bottom for
way too long. I'd love my freezer to be at least
1/2 empty when garden season comes back around!!

Have a great weekend!!


Sarah said...

Yeah, I think your food budget COULD buy you a new computer! That would be great.

I spent $51 at Wal-Mart and Meijer this week on 79 items, including diapers. I think with great sales, we could save save save.... This week I really stocked up on some things!

Keep up the great work! Garden season is around the corner (kinda). I am getting a seed order today or Monday and am going to start some plants inside in the next 2 weeks! YAY! Let me know if you want a good (cheap) seed company! YAY SPRING !!!

Hattie said...

Way to go! That's an awesome total for the month. Good luck w/ saving for the new computer. Looks to me like you won't have any trouble doing it!


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