Monday, January 18, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

This will be the 3rd week in the Pantry Challenge.
So far for the month I'm just shy of spending $40.00!!

I'm staying well stocked with the awesome grocery hauls
I've gotten from Walgreens and Meijer!! This week I'm
not sure if I'll do any shopping or not??? I'll wait to decide
until I can properly take a look at the sales!!

Here's what I'm planning for dinner and I'm pretty
sure I have everything I need for all these meals!!

Monday -- Scrambled eggs with cheese, hashbrowns, and bacon

Tuesday -- Marinated Chicken, rice stirfry, cooked carrots, dinner rolls

Wednesday -- Big Salads (again) with all the fixins'

Thursday -- Goulash with Cheesy Italian bread -- Tried this last week and it was a huge hit (recipe coming tomorrow!)

Friday -- Dinner with family

Saturday -- Homemade pizza or Pizza Hut Book its

Sunday -- Hamburgers with potatoes, and carrots in crock pot

As you can see we're having salad again due to the FREE salad that
Meijer had this week. I'm pretty sure we'll have it again next week since
I got 3 bags and the date was 10 days out!! Good thing the whole family
likes it when we have these!!

For more menu's visit here!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

way to go Megan! You are doing GREAT with your deals--I've been watching your posts with awe :)

Here's to a great finish for your challenge!


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