Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Scratch...

Join Sarah over at 8-muddy boots to
let us know what you made "homemade" this week!

Here's my list!

My kids have gotten pretty used to having cinnamon rolls and we've
been out for a couple of weeks. So I made a point to make
another batch of these and freeze most of them!
We like to pull out 1 pan or so each week. This means I make them
every 5 weeks or so!

Wet Burritos...
I tried a new recipe and we all loved these!

I also made my normal
homemade bread for the week.

I will also most likely make some kind of dessert
to snack on before the week ends (probably Friday!)

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Sarah said...

And all from scratch! DELICIOUS! My family would be so jealous of your cinnamon rolls. I need to do that... :)

Thanks for participating! <3

Pam Ponder said...

those cinnamon rolls look amazing I have always wanted to try making them from scratch


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