Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spencer's Jerky Review from

I got the chance to try out some more jerky from!!
(If you want to read my last review of Pineapple Jerky go here!)

This time they sent me Spencer's Jerky.
There were two kinds: Orange Beef Jerky and Mango Beef Jerky.
They were really good however they were SPICY!! Maybe I'm
just whimpy because everyone else thought they were perfect.

I had several people try them and everyone agreed
it was really good jerky. But beware, they are a little spicy,
or in my opinion, very spicy!!

Of course they also have regular beef jerky if you don't like the spicy!
On the other hand if you love really spicy, you might try their hot!!

If you want to get away from the beef kind, try
their section of Turkey Jerky!

I would definitely say that they have a huge variety and
pretty good prices too. Be sure to check them out!

Thanks for the samples!

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