Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Groceries

I was going to stay out of the store this week but...
I just didn't want to, Plain and Simple!!!

I didn't want to be out of bananas, salad, and yellow delicious
apples (even tho we have 4-5 pounds of other kinds!)
Yellow Delicious are my FAVORITE!!

I spent just over $20. at Kroger and
Then $5. at CVS. --( 4 gallon of milk isn't shown in pic.)!
I've been trying to increase my fiber intake and
that involves trying to eat 1 apple, 1 banana, and at least
1-2 servings of green beans, peas, carrots, or salad per day!!

Did you know that Snap peas, the kind you eat the pod,
are packed with fiber?? I didn't, but I also have never tried
them. I bought a pack of frozen to see what I think. If they're
decent, I'm planting a huge row of them and freezing them!
Anyone like snap peas???

By the way -- We rented a tractor/tiller and are out tilling up a
huge 70x40 plot for our new garden this morning!!!! That's going
to be a lot of weeding, but boy will it taste good.
Well, that's assuming it produces!!!!

Have a great weekend!


my little world said...

I'm a fiber junkie LOL I try to get at least 30 grams a day! I do like snap peas.. You know what else is awesome on fiber. La Tortilla Factory tortilla's. They have different flavors and they are huge. They have 12 grams of fiber and only 100 calories!!! I make a wrap for lunch many times a week! Those and cereal like Kashi or regular raisin bran are my "keys" to fiber. I also eat the fruits and veggies, but they don't pack the punch of the wraps and the cereal :).

If you find something you LOVE that is high in fiber let me know :)

don't forget to throw a bit of salt and pepper on your snap peas.. enjoy :)

Mominin said...

We love the sugar snap peas, here! As long as you have something for them to climb, they do really well. Last year we didn't get their poles up to climb - we still got a lot, but they were a tangled mess! They grew on the weeds, other plants, etc. Enjoy them!

carrie said...

we love sugar snap peas!!!! we let ours climb an old fence panel!!! it worked great!! i did have to tie some twine at the top to extend it a little but i was much easier than building tripods like you would for beans.. i think we may try it for our beans this year!!!

Anonymous said...

I like them but Charlie doesn't so I don't buy them. Something interesting I found out today on the Kashi website, or at least interesting to me, is that cooked carrots yield more benefits than raw.

Sarah said...

I think FRESH snap peas are WAY better than frozen, BUT since you don't have that luxury YET...

You will see our garden (enlarged!) on Monday!!! YAY!!!! I am SO ready to start planting!!! I think we can start getting potatoes and stuff in the ground. I've always heard and planted potatoes around Easter!

PS- Did you see that Kroger has flour super cheap this week? I went through 25 lbs in one month, and that is JUST of white unbleached flour! So I think I am going to stock up at Kroger!

Megan said...

Thanks for all the tips! You guys are awesome!!

Sarah, I plan on planting potatoes, peas, and lettuce next week too! I did not see the flour sale at Kroger... I will check into that!! Although I'm pretty stocked, you can never be too stocked on flour!!

I like cooked carrots better than raw anyway!!! thanks Jayne!

I'll have to try the tortilla's "My Little world"! thanks for mentioning it!

Thanks Shannon and Carrie, I didn't know peas climbed!!

Marsha S said...

my kids all love snap peas
they especially like when I grow them in the garden...they eat them as fast as they grow, right off the vine.

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

I LOVE snap peas! I didn't know they were full of fiber though! I need to plant some this year. Thanks for the info!


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