Thursday, March 25, 2010

WOW - Kohl's Clearance!

I love Kohl's Clearance!
I'm getting to the point that I only look at the 90%
off racks. Am I getting too cheap when
the 60-80% racks are too expensive??!!??

I guess it all depends on if you need clothes or
if you are just trying to keep up your wardrobe.....

Anyway here's what we found.
Everything was 90% off except one of the
boys black pairs of shoes in the 2nd picture (80% off). But those
were for Micah who I was planning on going to
Walmart and buying a pair of their $10. shoes!!
These were normally $50. shoes on sale for $9.99
Plus we got 20% off everything! Which made his shoes only $8.

These were my finds!!! I love keeping my wardrobe up for
close to nothing! 2 nice shirts, 1 T-shirt, and 2 pair of shoes.
Normally $209.98
-20% coupon
$16.80 (plus tax)
Oh my goodness -- that sounds crazy!

We found this dress shirt for hubby for $4.00 and
shoes for the boys for $9.99 and $6.49.
Normally -- $154.89
paid - $16.38 (after 20%)

We did buy a few other things that weren't 90% off
so Kohl's still made a little money!!!
I was on a deal high!!
Be sure to check Kohl's for there awesome 90% racks
and don't forget to check the shoe department.
I didn't know that they had those deals in shoes!
I won't forget to check from now on!!

Anyone else have luck with their Kohl's???


Genesa said...

Awesome! I can't wait til I drop 50 lbs then it will be fun to shop!!!

Pamela (aka Mrs. Buys More) said...

WOWZER! Great Shopping by You!


my little world said...

I love Kohl's! I have had to adopt the one in one out policy for my closet. I already have a ton in there that I don't but as for shoes.. that is my weakness..

Good shopping!!

Kristy said...

Great finds! I wish I could find gym shoes for my son at that price, but none of the Kohls I go to ever have his size!
I DID get a pair of winter boots for my daughter for around $7 last week so I can't complain much! And I picked up an Easter dress for daughter and a nice shirt for son and paid under $20 for both!
I love Kohls, their clearance, and their awesome coupons I get every once in awhile! : )

Anonymous said...

I work at Target, but Kohl's is my favorite place to clearance shop. JCPenny's is my next favorite.

Great deals!


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