Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Garage Sale and 10 Garage Sale Tips

Here it is! The Big Garage Sale I've been busy with!

It starts tomorrow! God has blessed us once again with
He is sooo Good!

So when I said "big"...
Did you imagine this???!!!!

Me either... It just kept GROWING!!!

Here's 10 Ten tips for
having your own garage sale!

1. Arrange clothes by boy/girl and size.

2. Fold the clothes nicely -- don't just pile them
on a table -- also hang nice clothes up if you can.

2. Advertise in several papers. (we do 3).
Since we have a 4+ family sale and split the cost
it only amounts to around $20. each

3. Put up lots of nice signs. Take a little time
because it does matter if they're nice!
(You can save them from year to year.)

4. Have the sale in April or May if you can.
Everyone is itching to get to the first Spring Sales
and then are burnt out by July and August when it's hot.

5. If you have a sale every year - have it at the same time
each year. Everyone around us knows we have
one every year in Mid April.

6. Price everything -- Don't tell people to make offers
or expect them to ask .

7. Have plenty of help to avoid
people waiting to check out.
(Sometimes you just can't help it though... lines do happen!!!)

8. Don't price things too high - Make sure it's priced to sell.
If you're not sure what's high for your area, you might want to
visit a few sales or ask around to people who have had sales.

9. Find Friends or Family that want to have a sale together.
It's best to fill the garage and the approach outside.
Plus you'll have help... It is ALOT of work, but
you'd be surprised how much it pays off!

10. Finding 10 things was harder than I thought...
Or maybe I'm just that TIRED!!

If you have some great tips,
be sure to us leave a comment.


April said...

Wow, it is huge! Glad your going to have nice weather for it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think you should call it a Flea Market!!!!! Wow!

Susan said...

That is a huge sale! Mine is going to look like that also! Glad you are having nice weather for it. My sale is next week. please Please Please pray for decent weather! Unlike you I don't have a garage and every year it rains either while I am setting up or during the sale and some things get ruined. Good Luck Megan on your sale. It looks fantastic! I wish I were there!

ChristinaAileen said...

That looks awesome!! Good luck. Wish I could find a nice yard sale like that around here!


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