Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly Groceries

I did some regular grocery shopping this week in preparation
for next week. I will be very busy with the garage sale
all week and doubt I'll make it to the store.

I was going by a Kroger on Wednesday so I stopped in
and spent $8.26 on this....

Then on Thursday I stopped at
Meijer and Aldi and got this (minus the cute kid!)...

I spent $11.17 at Meijer for 22 items (including the milk)
and then $20.45 at Aldi for
rice 10#, oranges, bananas, beans, raisins, icecream and chips.
Weekly total was $39.88

Last week after I had posted my pictures, I went to
CVS and spent about $10. for Toilet Paper and Milk!!
They had the Scott 1000 brand on sale.
12 pack for $6.49 -$1. MQ= $5.49
Anyone else use this TP? I find it lasts FOREVER!!!!

So my total for the month comes to $120.61
I'm thinking I'll do very little to NO shopping next week.

I still have hope to make it to my bulk
food store this month! We'll see!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


my little world said...

I wish we had a Meijer (or however it's spelled). You save so much money going there! I have gotten lazy and stopped printing out coupons.. I think I'm going to start again! I spent this week what you have spent the whole month!

Sarah said...

I have been doing good reducing my budget slowly by making more from scratch... It's amazing how much you DON'T have to get from the store! :) I think I am spending more than you because of our Soy milk and 6 gallons of reg. milk, plus I have been buying organic lettuce and potatoes. That shoots the cost a little higher! I spent $. this week, not bad!

Sarah said...

Ooop... don't know why the dollar amount didn't come out! We will try it again! $53. this week spent on groceries!

Cara Riggles said...

Megan, You are SO right about Scott 1000. DH started buying Scott and I was frustrated at first because I perceived it as being too expensive. But, we discovered that we could get a bulk pack at Sam's. Wow! Not only was the bulk package MUCH more economical, but it lasted OVER 2 months for our family of 5. I am a convert! LOL!

Moriah said...

Found you through MBC and now following your blog!

I am becoming a mother soon, and would love any advice other moms have who have already experienced what I am currently experiencing. I would love to hear from you! :)

Have a great Friday!

April said...

I found a new store today named Ruler. They have about the same prices as Aldi! I'm excited to have found it, and am looking forward to the extra savings. I to am a Scott TP user, that stuff last forever!


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