Monday, September 29, 2008

Meijer 9-28

I had this all ready yesterday and pushed the publish button and that's when I lost my internet. After almost 24 hours without's back. And I did survive!!

Here is my short Meijer list... Please add to it what you're finding!! (I only looked briefly)

Smart Balance butter 1.79 - $1.Q= .79

Dole Salad Blends --b1g1--use 2 $1. Q here --get 2 bags free

Jello Pudding--$2. -.50Q = $1.

Skippy peanut butter $2. -$1./2MB - .40MQ (doubled) =.70 each (buy 2) ---then get a free loaf on Meijer White 2 pb and loaf of bread for 1.40

Ziploc zip and steam bags 2.33 - $1. MB --$1.MQ ==.33cents each

Swanson broth 3/$2. -.40cents = 1.20/3

Well what do you see... Be sure to check out the mealbox q here there is 3 pages instead of the 1 normal page.

Also Meijer is having a October frozen food month sale. That is what a bunch of the Mealbox Q are and you should be able to get an insert in their flyer. I didn't look into it much since my freezer is almost officially full. This week wasn't anything great but maybe in the weeks to come! Probably when I'm gone and without a Meijer.


One Mom, Five Kids said...

Here are a couple things I saw that I am getting this week:

Ronzoni Pasta, all varieties $.99
-$1/1 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta (insert: 8/24 SS – expires: 11/31/08)
-FREE Pasta after coupon!

Purnell’s Roll Pork Sausage $1.89
-.35 Purnell’s Old Folks Sausage
-$1.19 for 1 lb. Sausage

Sarah said...

Hot Pockets 5/$10. There was a MQ this week for $.50, doubled $1.00 off of 1. So $1.00 each with MQ, then if you buy enough for the Mealbox Q (5), then you could get $1 off of 5. There is also a MQ out there for the Hot Pockets Panini's for $1.00 off one.

I've actually never got these before, but I may try them.

Megan said...

Sarah before you buy the hot pockets keep in mind that they are $2. at Kroger and with the .50 tripled they are .50cents (at Sturgis- Angola could be cheaper)
I've never bought these but thought it might be good for our trip. espically for .50cents

One mom...
I didn't think I had that pasta Q...well I looked again and just found 5!!!AWESOME..thanks for posting I'm glad i looked again...not that I need more pasta but FREE is FREE!!!


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