Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kroger 10-2

Kroger has a huge 10/$10. sale this week. I am only going to post a few items that I have coupon matchups but make sure to check it out.

Sargento cheese 2.33-.50 tripled=.83cents

Toaster Strudel $2.-.35MQ= .95cents

Hot pockets $2.-.50MQ= .50

Grands $1. -.30/3 = $1.10/3

Lunchables $1. have a MQ for $1./3 = $3./4

Toilet paper of course .99-.50= FREE

Also taking advantage of tortilla chips $1, donuts $1, corn dogs $1 and a few other items.

What do you see...did I miss any freebies??


Sarah said...

Campbell's soup $.19 with MQ
Hunts Tomatoes $.30/2 W/ MQ

I like Kroger this week!

Sarah said...

actually, I just got on the Shortcuts site and right now they have E-coups for $1/5 Hunts canned tomatoes soI am assuming the Hunts would be free? Then there is Cottonelle TP $.50 off a 4 pk or larger... so I suppose if you run out of MQs these would be $.49...

Megan said...

good to know cuz I am out of cottonelle now. granted I have about 15-20 4packs but still. I would like to keep it stocked up. I think those q exp. middle of October so hopefully their will be more.

I must have missed the soup and tomatoes. good eye!!


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