Monday, October 27, 2008

Kmart Super Doubles

Well I've never really shopped at Kmart until today!

Sturgis, Mi. is participating in the super doubles which means they double any coupon up to and including $2.00 this makes $2.oo MQ a whopping $4.00

While I was hoping for more I think I did pretty well for almost no research work. I just stopped in with my binder and used some of my $1-2. coupons. The shelves were wiped clean of several items I was going to get but I was able to get 4 lotions and 2 hairsprays which I actually somewhat needed!

I paid .50cents for each box of Kashi and .99cents for each Resolve and then like .20 cents for a few other items. Most of it was completely free.

My total was $8.68 ($1.68 tax) for these 17 items which is .51 cents per item!
I was hoping to use a $5./50 but the cashier made me put each coupon with the item and took the coupon off right after he scanned the item. So my total was always very little. Total before coupons was well over $50.00.
If you make it to Kmart let me know what you find! Thanks Brooke for letting me know Sturgis is participating!!

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Bovee Brigade said...

Hey, thanks for the update! Wasn't aware and probably would have missed that great deal of doubling up to $2.00. K-Mart also had their Lipton Pasta Sides 10/$10 and their Hamburger Helper 4/$5.00. I had coupons for both of these items and did quite well getting those in conjunction with all the bathroom supplies that I had coupons for $2.00 off. That was wonderful!


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