Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Meijer was awesome this week which reminds me that I didn't post the Meijer deals for this week!Sorry... There really are only a couple but they are well worth the trip!

I got all this for a total of $24.xx and got a $2. catalina back!!

How did this happen?? Well overage from taco shells, jello, and glade gel warmers!

this week if you buy 2 boxes of jello (.50cents each) and use the 1.50 mealbox Q you get .50cents overage for every 2 boxes you buy.

Also if you buy taco bell taco shells (20%off) and use the 1.50 mealbox q you will earn .50 cents overage for every box you buy. The problem is that they took that Q off of the mealbox site.

Third great deal is for Glade scented gel warmers. they are 4.49 each and you get a 4.00 cat. for each one you buy. also there is a b1g1 MQ out for these. I had 4 of them so I bought 8 warmers used 4 b1g1 MQ. total was 19.xx with tax and I got $32. back in cats to use for whatever!! awesome!

other good deals
steamfresh birds eye veggies are 3/$4. use $1/2 mealbox and .35 MQ = .27cents
dole salad is 5/$5. use this Q for $1./1 to make it free

other things to look for might be plastic wrap 1.19, eggs 1.00, meijer popcorn 1.25,
also if you buy 2 oreos for $5. you get a gallon of milk free,
kelloggs cereal/poptarts are 4/$10 --buy 4 get $2. off instantly--not bad because the frosted flakes that I got are the big

Let me know what you're finding!!
Questions just leave a comment!

Have a good week


Sarah said...

Wooo Hooooo!!!!!

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