Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free at Meijer

I know this looks yummy, but no this is not the free item.....

But You can get free cool whip this week at Meijer and make this!

You can try to get the coupon here(scroll 1/3 way down)....if this doesn't work...

Go here and register, then click the snowball cake recipe that is pictured under the first dessert tab (also pictured above). Scroll down about 1/3 of the way and click on the get cool whip coupon.
It will pop up a bricks coupon. use your back button to print a second one.

The coupon is for .50 cents off...So at Meijer it should double for $1. off...(Cool whip is .79cents this week)

YEA don't ya love FREE!!

btw- there is also a cream cheese coupon there too!

1 comment:

Genesa said...

Oh my lands that looks really really good! Your making me want cake @ 9 in the morning! I know what a surprise!


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